2016 -2017 Miss Brockington

Police Visit

Rhubarb Theatre Storytelling Session

Chinese New Year

Today we ended our learning on Chinese New Year by trying Chinese food (kindly made by Mr and Mrs Peng) and by performing a dragon dance. We all had lots of fun and couldn't wait to open our lucky red envelope and fortune cookie.

Collecting Leaves

Every year, during Autumn, lots of leaves fall at Boston West. We worked as a team to collect some leaves for the leaf mulcher.

Firework Dance

During PE this term we have been building up our dance skills. We learnt to listen to music and move in different ways. We then applied these skills to some firework music and danced with ribbons.

Fire Safety

This week we have been learning how to keep safe around a fire. We also learnt that you need 'snappy sticks' to start a fire so we decided to go on a 'snappy stick hunt' around Boston West.

Autumn Walk

We went on a walk around our school grounds to see what wildlife we could find and if we could spot any signs of Autumn. Lots of us noticed how the leaves were changing colour and falling off the trees and that the weather was getting a bit colder than in Summer.

2D Shapes

This week we have been learning all about 2D shapes. We found lots of shapes around the classroom, made shapes out of sticks, drew around shapes and found lots of shapes in the sand tray.

Baking Elmer Biscuits

We have enjoyed reading lots of different Elmer books this term so decided to make our own Elmer biscuits. We noticed how the ingredients changed when we mixed them together and how the mixture was different after it came out of the oven.

Spreading Germs

This week we have been thinking about how we can keep ourselves healthy. We used green paint as 'pretend germs' to show us how easily germs can spread and the importance of hand washing.

Colour Hunt

To start our topic all about colours, we decided to go on a colour hunt around school.