2016 – 2017 Miss Featherstone

Pirate Day

Ahoy Shipmates! Today we came into school as pirates. We tidied a shipwreck, gave ourselves new pirate names, made pirate flags, made a healthy pirate snack and sang songs and ate marshmallows around the campfire!

Pirate Dance

For the last five weeks we have been working on a pirate dance with Emma, the dance teacher from Arts NK. We performed our dance to parents in the outside performance area on Monday this week.


Today we went on a walk around the school grounds to search for signs of summer!

Arts Festival

Last week we had a two day Arts Festival in School. We took part in the school big draw, a dance workshop from Arts NK, and a performance by Rhubarb Theatre. We also created our own Sunflower painting inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh.

Skegness Trip

This week we visited Skegness. We had a tour round the life boat station, a talk from the lifeguards and time to play on the beach!

Boston Trip

Today we went to explore our local town, Boston. We visited Boston Stump, Blackfriars Theatre and the town park.

Wild things!

We have been reading the story Where the Wild Things are. We created our own wild things our of clay.


We have been learning about weddings. Today we had a wedding themed day. In the morning we prepared for the wedding by making the cake, confetti, flowers, cards and wedding transport! In the afternoon we held the wedding ceremony and reception!

Tractor Visit

We had a visit from a local farmer and his tractor! We learnt all about life on the farm.

Magnetic Games

We used our knowledge of materials and magnets to create our own magnetic games.

Magic Wands

Our topic this term is Magic! This week we used a peeler to whittle our own magic wands!

Tracking Trail

We used our observational skills to follow a trail around the school grounds to find Paddington Bear's lost items! We split into four teams and each team had a coloured arrow to look for. We found Paddington's missing hat, suitcase, cup and sandwiches!

Rhubarb Theatre Workshop

We have been very lucky today and took part in a workshop run by Rhubarb Theatre. We made a boat, sailed the seas, visited a mime café in France, took a train to India, visited an Indian market, rode on an elephant and visited Brazil.

Building Big Ben!

In Design and Technology we have been learning how to make strong and stable structures. Today we worked in pairs to build a strong and stable Big Ben.

Tennis Taster Session

Boston Tennis club came into school and we took part in a tennis taster session!

Exploring the seasons - Winter

It has been very cold and frosty this week! We went outside to look for signs of winter. We also put some natural resources and water in bowls which we left outside overnight. By the morning they had turned into beautiful ice decorations!

2D Shape Hunt

We went for a walk to spot different 2D shapes in our school environment.

A Little Bird Told Me

This week we performed our Christmas play 'A Little Bird Told Me'. It was all about a little robin who went on an adventure to find baby Jesus.

Superhero Day

Today we have had a busy day using all of our superpowers! We designed and made our own superhero vehicles using different mechanisms including an axel and a hinge. We also had a special challenge in which we had to use our superpowers to make a safe package to protect a dragon egg!

Exploring Autumn

In Science we have been learning about the four seasons. Today we went outside to spot for signs of Autumn. We saw yellow, orange and brown leaves which had fallen off the trees.

Tesco Trip

This week we went to Tesco in Boston to explore different seasonal fruits and vegetables. We also learnt how to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables to make them last longer.