2016 – 2017 Miss Hardy


As part of the Arts festival, we took inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' picture. We sculpted and decorated our own vases; which we then put our sunflowers in. These were painted and cut out, and then the middle was created by weaving wool in a circular pattern. We hope you like our finished product!

Samba West

Yesterday, we had the most incredible experience!
Early on Tuesday morning, we travelled to Birmingham ready to perform as part of the Samba West Band at Symphony Hall Birmingham. In this beautiful venue, we got to represent the school in front of a large live audience, including many different bands and schools.
We were so proud of ourselves and will never forget the day!


For our learning on habitats, we have used natural resources to design our own habitats. See if you can guess what they are!
We are then going to use these to create an animal perfectly suited and adapted to living in that habitat!


This term we have been looking at habitats, wildlife, and our new class book; 'Window'. We wrote setting desciptions for our Wonderful Work last week and now we have had the opportunity to create a collage of the Window we wrote about! We used an array of different materials, just the the author 'Jeannie Baker' does! We hope you like our creations!

Outdoor Roman Numerals

Today, in the beautiful sunshine, we took our learning on Roman Numerals outside! We used the sticks to create number lines and 100 number squares!

Translating Shapes

Using our co-ordinate skills we have moved onto translating shapes. We used a large grid on the tables to write the starting co-ordinates of a shape and then tracking their translation, either left/right, up/ down and finally writing their finishing co-ordinates. Have a look at us in action!

Living Things Hunt

This week, we began our new topic; 'Living Things and their Habitats'. We have been learning all about the different ways to classify animals, looking closely at their features and characteristics. To embed all our learning about this, we went around the school grounds on the hunt for mammals, birds, amphibians, insects, plants and many more different classifications of animals! Here's some photos of us on our hunt and using the classification keys to help!

Outdoor Churches

As part of our RE skills, we have been looking into the artefacts and symbols in a Christian Church. Once we had learnt about the things you would find in a church, we went outside and designed our own church floor plans, using natural materials.

English Outside

This week, we have started looking at a new book. It is called 'Window' by Jeannie Baker. It has no words, only pictures. This means we have had to use a lot of our comprehension skills to understand what is happening and why the author has chosen to present it in that way. We went on a trial around the garden of inspiration to answer some questions about some of the images.

Bee Coordinates

Today, we used the grids outside as a huge corodinates grid! The bees told us where to stand and which points to plot. It was a great way to see the work on a huge scale before we used our books.

Anglo Saxon Dance Performance

We have been so lucky this term! We were given the opportunity to work with NK Dance to create a routine. This term, we have been learning all about the Anglo Saxons, so we created and performed a dance based on this. Here are a few photos from the performance!

West Stow Trip

After an incredible term learning all about the Anglo Saxons we went on a fantastic trip! We got to walk where Anglo Saxons would have walked, handled real artefacts, investigate how they lived and experienced a real life Anglo Saxon village! It was a brilliant day and a great way to finish the term!

Anglo Saxon Cooking Day

After testing out lots of different Anglo Saxon cooking at the start of the week, we then developed our own recipes to create, taste and evaluate! It was a fantastic day and really helped us imagine what they would have lived like! So busy!

Measuring and Estimating Volume

In order to help us learn to estimate different volumes of liquid we took our learning into the kitchen to make it practical.

Grendel Creations

Seeing as our topic is the Anglo Saxons it seemed only fitting to look at the tale of Beowulf in English, as part of that we created our own Grendel monster's ready to inspire some exciting vocabulary choices, retell the fight scene and imagine what might happen next...

Making Anglo Saxon Pit Houses

The Anglo Saxons built homes called 'pit houses', they dug the foundations into the ground and built from there. We decided to give this a try in the mud factory! Look at our creations!

Artefact Handling

We have been really lucky that while we were learning about the Anglo Saxons this term we were given the opportunity to look at lots of different real and replica objects from the Collection in Lincoln. We put our archaeologists hats on an asked and answered loads of questions about the past!

Exploring Sound

To help us investigate volume and pitch we explored lots of different household objects and instruments!

Popsicle Harmonica

To learn and experiment with pitch we all created popsicle harmonicas, the tighter we squeezed it close the faster the particles vibrated because there was less space, which made the pitch really high!

String Cup Telephones

Although, our topic this term is predominantly Anglo-Saxons we did start the term with a Science week all about sound. We learnt about how sound travels to our ear using vibrations...we were able to test this out perfectly using string cup telephones, which worked so well!

Music of a River's Journey

Here is us using our musical talents to test out and decide on different instruments to suit different parts of the river's course. We then created a piece of music to demonstrate it's journey!

Outdoor Day

Spring term has been all about rivers and settlements, so to finish it off we had a fantastic outdoor learning day! We built shelters, whittled tent pegs and built mini shelters with all the resources they could need! Just the kind of day that makes our learning so fun!

Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes

This week, we have been learning how to calculate the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. This has been pretty tricky, but we have learnt a great method to help us out! Have a look!

Building Bridges

Following our last post on here, we were set the challenge to create a bridge that could hold the weight of Alice in Wonderland! We had a set amount of money and had to choose our materials and resources carefully... we used what we knew about strengthening bridges to plan, and produce it.. Have a look at what we built.


This week, we have been learning about different types of bridges, for examples bean, truss, suspension, and techniques that are used to reinforce, strengthen and stiffen them.
First we learnt about it, and now it was our turn to try all the techniques out...In the pictures you can see us testing out different methods such as, corrugated bridges, arched bridges, triangles for reinforcement and many more!
We are going to apply all our knowledge and expertise in a challenge next week!

World Book Day

What a fantastic day!
We spent the day sharing with one another our favourite books and our favourite characters, it was so much fun getting to dress up like them! Our class turned into Harry Potters, Hermiones, Alice in Wonderlands, Roald Dahl characters, animals and so much more! Take a look!
We were even lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Schofield, who read us some of his favourite poems!

Flotsam Characters

Look! Now, we have created some characters to go along with our settings and have thought of some fantastic words to describe them!

Flotsam Scenes

In English, for the past two weeks we have been looking at a picture book called, Flotsam. It is a lovely book with lots of opportunities for description! So, we have designed and created our own scenes from the book in order to write a description for Wonderful Work.

Anglian Water Visit

We were lucky enough this week to have a visit from Anglian Water to teach us all about water, where it goes, what happens to it, waste products and so much more! It was great fun and we learnt so much! Here are a few pictures from the activities we got up to!

River Features

Following on from our topic last term, we are moving onto looking more closely at rivers.
This week we looked at the features along the course of a river. Using this knowledge and our creativity we created models of all the different features so that when we put it all together it created the whole river's journey...passing from the source through waterfalls, rapids, meanders until it reached the mouth into the sea.


Today we were lucky enough to experience SNOW, it fitted in perfectly with our topic, States of Matter, so we couldn't resist going out in it!
Using what we learnt, we were easily able to explain how the snow formed, and the reason why it melts when it lands on our skin but not on our coats!
It was a great chance to see what we have learnt in a real life situation! And of course, a lot of fun!

Rhubarb Theatre

Today, we had the fantastic opportunity of working with Rhubarb Theatre in a short workshop. It was fantastic! We really worked on our acting skills (which was great practice for our play next term!).
We mimed anything and everything from submarines, flying carpets and helicopters, to washing machines, football pitches and goldfish bowls!
We experienced life in a French café, the excitement of an Indian markets and even the exotic environment of the Brazilian rainforests.
Here are a few photographs of our freeze frames in all our different objects, locations and transport...
Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed acting them!

Becoming a Raindrop

For our next piece of Wonderful Work, and to finish off our topic of the Water Cycle, we are going to write a diary from the point of view of a raindrop and it's journey. Here are some photos of us trying to get into the mindset of a Raindrop so we could think of some WOW words and emotions to use later in the week for our diaries.
We got to imagine we were rain or snow falling from the clouds, landing somewhere exciting and our journey back up to the clouds, we thought about what we would see, hear, feel, touch, smell...It was a lot of fun and really helped develop our vocabulary choices!

Outdoor Clocks

For the past two weeks, we have been learning both analogue and digital times, and converting between the two. Here are our outdoor clocks we created in order to practice!

The Water Cycle

Part of our topic this term involves looking at and understanding how the water cycle works. To help us consolidate our knowledge we created it using natural resources outside...
We learnt how the stored water on the Earth's surface evaporates into the air to then condense into water vapour, before falling back to the Earth as precipitation, to run back into the seas and begin the cycle all over again!
Water is really beginning to fascinate us all, did you know it can be all 3 states? And you can find all three in the Water Cycle!

Particle Performance

Our topic this term, as you know, is States of Matter. For our piece of Wonderful Work this week we decided to combine our science knowledge with our PE Skills in Gym.
We, carefully used different levels, direction and speed to demonstrate how particles move in a solid, liquid and a gas...these are our wonderful freeze-frames in each state!

Fraction Pizzas

To help us get to grips with fractions and decimal equivalents we used our knowledge to work out what fraction (and what decimal) of pizzas we would need to feed everyone in the class...
Then, of course, we had to make it and give it a go!

Outdoor Maths

This week in maths we have been focusing on fraction and decimal equivalents, to put our learning into a real life context we got our pencils and rulers and went outside...
We measured leaves, twigs, flowers and lots more to find out their length in decimals so we could show off our skills by writing it's fraction equivalent!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

To help us really get into the mindset of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we acted it out...pausing at the key moments in the story to help us come up with some fantastic word choices for their feelings, adjectives to describe the scene and different words to use instead of said (to make our writing more interesting!
It was a very different but very worthwhile way of doing our English learning! Take a look at some of the freeze-frames from our acting!
Can you guess what parts we stopped at?

The Ice Cube Challenge

On one cold afternoon outside, but warm afternoon inside, Miss Hardy set us the challenge to save our Ice Cube, we had to devise a plan to stop it from melting!
We had to careful decide how best to protect it and where best to place was a tricky task but we accepted the challenge!
We then checked it's progress regularly to see where had been the best place!

States of Matter

It's the Spring Term, which means new topics! This term we are learning all about Solids, Liquids and Gases.
This week we learnt about the particle formations in each three states.
Particles in a solid are tightly packed together and vibrate on the spot, in liquids they are still close together but can move passed each other and gas particles move freely in all different directions.
And what better way to demonstrate this than to go outside and become the particles ourselves! It was so much fun! Look at us go!
Even better, all this practice will lead into our Wonderful Work in a few weeks time!


Year 4 had a great day with lots of Christmas activities and Christmas fun to celebrate such an incredible time of year! Here are a few photos to give you a sneak peek at our party day!

Making Calendars for the New Year

Inspired by Kandinsky and his concentric circles we created a calendar for 2017. To make them even more exciting, we used different substances to make our paints thicker and different textures.
We added PVA glue to make paints shiny, flour to make paints thicker and sugar to give them an interesting texture!
We hope you like them!

Mixing paints

In art, we have been learning all about mixing paints. Not only creating secondary colours, but also tertiary colours.
We learnt that to make a tertiary colour we needed to mix a primary colour with a secondary colour, and then to make browns we had to mix complimentary secondary colours.
It was challenging but a lot of fun!
We then used all of this knowledge to help us create a painting of the God Ganesh in the following week.

Equivalent Fraction Walls

This week, we used our knowledge on fractions so far to create our very own fraction walls to show fractions that are equivalent. We carefully folded the paper strips into equal parts, this took a lot of concentration and focus! We even did sixteenths!

Everything we already know about fractions

Today, Year 4 used lots of different apparatus to show me what they already know about fractions from Year 3. This means we can carefully build on what they know and challenge their thinking and learning!

Performing our Puppet Shows

Today, we got chance to perform our puppet shows of the Firework Maker's Daughter to another group. It was our chance to test out how well we had designed and made our puppets, and how well the shadows formed onto the screen. We used our performances to help us write an evaluation about them.

Chunking in Maths

Over the last two weeks, we have been working really hard on a new method of division. We have been using lots of different resources around the classroom to practice our chunking. Some of use were doing division snakes, some of us played division dominoes and some were using 'squishy' cubes!

Tin Foil Men and their Shadows

Today, for our topic on light, we created a tin foil man. Then, by moving and changing the position of the light source, we explored how the shadow also changed position and shape. It was really interesting to see all the different shapes the figures created and a lot of fun too!
Using this model, we are going to write an explanation text for how shadows are formed ready for our Wonderful Work books.

Travel Brochure Hunt

Today, as a way of learning about persuasive writing, we went and found all the structural and language features that had been hidden around the outdoor area.

Journey around Iceland

Today, using our orienteering skills we went on a journey around our school's outdoor areas locating various physical and human geographical features you would find in Iceland!

Shadow Puppet Show

We have been very busy for the last two afternoons!
After spending a few weeks, reading, understanding and writing our own version of the Firemaker's daughter, we decided to combine what we knew about that, with what we know and understand about our topic on light!
As you can see here, we have created our very own shadow puppet shows of the story! We had to think carefully about how shadows form to help us design our characters and settings, decide on materials, colours and then their sizes.
It was challenging work but really rewarding and something we are really proud of!

Leaf Collecting

With all the colourful Autumnal leaves falling off the trees, we like to collect them to make compost. We had a lot of fun collecting as many as we could!

Diwali Lanterns

Earlier this week, we brought together all of our learning in a very exciting way!

In the morning, we worked on our annotated sketches for DT to design a beautiful Diwali lantern, then using our knowledge of 3D shapes we constructed frames for our lanterns.

Later, in the afternoon, we got very messy wrapping and decorating the frames of our lanterns with tissue paper round and PVA glue. Finally, we have finished them off with a handle and a small tea light candle. We are very proud of our beautiful creations!

Beautiful Rangoli Patterns

Through our learning about Hinduism and Diwali we have been looking at Rangoli patterns. Hindus use these patterns to decorate their homes during the festival of Diwali, to welcome the God and bring good luck to their families. We have created some in maths, some in chalk outside, and today, as a piece of Wonderful Work we created one out using coloured flour! It was very messy but we are really pleased with how they look!

3D Shape Hunt

Today, we explored our school grounds on the hunt for lots of 3D shapes. We found cones, spheres, cylinders, cuboids, prisms and pyramids all around the garden of inspiration, the playground and the bush craft area. Here are pictures of just a few things we found!

Spaghetti and Marshmellow 3D Shapes

Today, we were exploring 3D shapes. Looking closely at their vertices, edges and faces in order to write property descriptions. First, we made them out of Spaghetti and marshmellows, it was a bit messy but a really fun way to help our learning!

Hindu Shrines

As part of our learning on the Hindu festival of Diwali, we began learning about how Hindu's worship the deities. We then got creative and made shoebox shrines for Ganesh, with all the vital components.

Triangle Hunt

Today, we have been learning about the three different types of triangles. We have learnt how to be able to identify a scalene, equilateral and an isosceles triangle. We then explored the Garden of inspiration on the hunt for triangles to identify!

Rangoli Patterns

For our topic of Light, we have been learning all about Diwali, the Hindu festival. We used our outdoor space to design our own beautiful Rangoli patterns! We even used our symmetry knowledge from maths to help design them! Have a look...we are really proud of them!

The Firework Maker's Daughter

For the past two weeks in English, we have been reading the Firework Maker's Daughter. We have loved the story so much! We have been writing character descriptions about the beautiful Goddess of the shimmering Emerald lake, and setting descriptions of the fire grotto, where lava bubbled and fires raged!

Today, because we have now finished reading the story we used our natural environment and the resources around us to order the events in the story and make a story box for each chapter! It was a really fun and interesting way to bring all our learning together!

Properties of Polygons

Today we have been looking at the amount of vertices, sides and lines of symmetry in different polygons. By using a series of clues, we have used the outdoor space to identify different properties of polygons! We used sticks to represent the vertices and wool for the sides.

Angle Hunt

Today in maths we have been learning to identify acute, obtuse and right angles. We made right angle monsters and used them to help us find different angles around the school grounds. Here are some photos of ones we found in the Garden of Inspiration!

Symmetrical Shape Hunt

This week we have been learning all about symmetry in maths, so we went outside to see if we could find anything that was symmetrical. Here are some photos of us exploring the school grounds for some symmetrical objects.

Egypt Day

After a fantastic term learning all about the Ancient Egyptians, we had a whole day dedicated to Egyptian style activities!

We made a pharaoh's headdress, played authentic Egyptian games, and ate flatbread around the fire, like Egyptians would have done!

To finish off the day we showcased our wonderful work in a Museum for parents to see, we showed our Canopic Jars, Egyptian jewellery, Egyptian Cartouches and our recreation of the River Nile, complete with all it's uses for the Egyptian civilisation!

It was a fantastic day, we had a great time and hope parents did too!