2016 – 2017 Miss Taylor

Jack and the Beanstalk Drama

World Book Day

Year 2 Having Fun in the Snow!

Lost and Found Drama

Tractor Visit

Playground Games with Year 1

Exploring Pushes and Pulls

Gymnastics Points of Contact

Making Angel Delight for Instructions

Finding Materials

We went outside to find what materials the school has in its grounds and we found many different materials!

Making Stick Houses

We used sticks to make houses for our Three Little Pig characters and had the Big Bad Wolf try to blow them down.

Tattershall Castle

We had such a fun day on our trip! We got to dress up and learn medieval dances, have a tour of the castle and have a go at brass rubbings.


In gymnastics we have been focusing on travelling at three different levels; low, middle and high. We then used these levels to create different balancing positions which we really enjoyed!

Castle Floor Plans

For Wonderful Work we created our own floor plan of a castle as a group after learning all about the internal and external features of castles!

Roald Dahl Day

As well as transporting water we used drama to retell the story of 'The Giraffe, Pelly and Me' and used mechanisms when making the house from the story. We used flap mechanisms to create windows and doors.

Water Transportation

For Roald Dahl day we read 'The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me'. One of our activities included becoming window cleaners like in the story and so we completed an obstacle course carrying water!