2017-2018 Miss Brockington

Trip to Belton House

The children loved exploring the grounds and pond at Belton House searching for minibeasts!

Chinese New Year

The children thoroughly enjoyed our Chinese New Year party day! We tried some Chinese food kindly made by Mr and Mrs Peng, made tried on some Chinese masks and performed a dragon dance. We all had lots of fun and couldn't wait to open our fortune cookies!


The children loved being on the stage and performing 'A Miracle in Town'. They were all fantastic and were all very proud of themselves!

Fire Safety

This week we have been learning how to keep safe around a fire in preparation for Bonfire Night. We learnt that you need 'snappy sticks' to start a fire so we decided to go on a 'snappy stick hunt' to then make our own fire!

Autumn Walk

We went on a walk around our school grounds to see if we could spot any signs of Autumn. Lots of us noticed how the leaves were changing colour and falling off the trees.

Circle Time with Mr Morley

Fruit Tasting

To link with our learning about Handa's Surprise we got to taste some of the fruit from the story.

Shape Hunt

This week we have been learning all about 2D shapes so we decided to go around school and see what shapes we could find!

Colour Hunt

We went on a hunt around our school to see what colours we could find!

Sound Walk

We walked around our school and listened for what sounds we could hear. There was lots of talking in Mr Morley's office!