2017-2018 Miss Featherstone


Inspired by Charlotte's web we used our weaving and knotting skills to make spiders webs.

Minibeast Homes

We created and made our own minibeasts then designed a home for our minibeast to live in.

Sports Day 2018

This week we took part in sports day. The children all persevered in all of their races!

Belton House Visit

This week we went on a trip to Belton House. We went on a minibeast hunt, sketched the formal gardens and had a play on the adventure playground.

Owl Visit

As part of our nocturnal animals topic we had two owls - Miranda and Bailey, come to visit us in school. We also got to dissect some owl pellets.

Cricket Taster Session

All stars cricket came in to run an assembly and a taster cricket session for our class.

Bushcraft Outdoor Day

On our outdoor day we learnt vital skills to survive in the Australian Outback including shelter building and make a campfire.


This week we have been outside enjoying the winter weather!

Indian Experience Day

Today we learnt all about India including learning Indian dance.

Creating a French Salad

This week we created our own French salads.

Rhubarb Theatre Workshop

This week we had a theatre workshop from Rhubarb Theatre. We went in a time machine and visited the Roman times, escaped the great fire of London and fought off a Viking invasion!

Clay Penguins

We have used clay slip to join clay together to make our own penguins.

Chalk Smudging

We used our chalk smudging skills to create pictures of Antarctica.

Multiplication Trail

This week the children went outside to follow a trail. The trail involved solving multiplication questions from the 2 and 10 times tables.

Pudsey Visit

Pudsey came to visit us in school for Children in Need.

Firework Dance

For Bonfire Night we created our own firework dance in P.E.

Knight Training Day

Today we learnt how to be knights! We made a sword, a hobby horse and went on a hunt for lost dragons!

Sports Activity Day at Tollfield Campus

We went to a sports activity day at Tollfield campus. We participated in lots of activities which developed our skills including dribbling, throwing and catching and running.

Lincoln Castle Trip

As part of our castle topic we went on a trip to Lincoln Castle. It was a busy day! We trained to be knights, dressed a knight, tried on armour, had a medieval banquet and went on a walk around the castle walls.

Three Little Pigs Drama

We have been reading the story of the Three Little Pigs. We freeze framed parts of the story to explore what the characters might be thinking or feeling.

3D Castles

In DT this term we have been making 3D castles. The have used mechanisms such as sliders, flaps and wheels to make moving parts.

Castle Plans

Our topic this term is Castles and Dragons. This week we made castle floor plans out of natural materials and P.E equipment.

Playground Games

In teams we invented and played our own playground games.

Roald Dahl Day - Water Transportation

On Roald Dahl day we read the story 'The Giraffe, and the Pelly and Me.' In the story, the giraffe, the pelican and the monkey have a window cleaning business. We worked in teams to create our own ways of transporting the water for window cleaning!