2017-2018 Miss Hardy

'Window' by Jeannie Baker

In English recently, we have been looking at a book by Jeannie Baker with no words. The story is told through a series of collages, which tell the story of a boy's life and how the environment grows and changes around him. Hidden within all of the images are a small clues that help you learn about the boy, his likes, dislikes and about the weather and what it is like in his local community. We have gotten pretty good at looking at hidden meanings from the author now and so have had a go at creating our own image for the book. We are going to write our own questions to go with it too but see if you can spot any of the clues!

Saxon Sashes!

To mark the end of a fantastic term, the children performed a beautiful Anglo Saxon Dance and created wonderful Anglo Saxon Sashes! Here's us all doing our best warrior poses!

Anglo Saxon Village at West Stow

We had a brilliant day exploring a recreated Anglo Saxon Village.
We got the chance to look around the pit houses, to see how the Anglo Saxons would have lived, what they would have done as well as getting to sit altogether in the mead hall!
In the afternoon, we got the opportunity to explore the artefacts in the museum! Looking at, how they lived, what they wore, what they ate, made, and even how they kept themselves washed and clean! It was an incredible day, one that we wont forget!
Have a look at some of our photographs!

Outdoor Synagogue and Churches!

Today, we have been looking at and exploring the different artefacts inside different religious buildings in order to compare them. Using this, we took our learning outside and created our own synagogue and church using natural resources!

Anglo Saxon Cooking and Feast Day!

Today, Year 4 have worked really hard all morning creating different Anglo Saxon plates of food!
Some created oat cakes with various fruity fillings, some created vegetable stews and some created exciting ham combinations! We then enjoyed it round the campfire this afternoon as a mini feast!
Here are some of our photos!

Beowulf...the Next Chapter

To take advantage of the glorious sunshine, we used the resources from outside to help plan what will happen next in our version of Beowulf, ready to write it next week.

Measuring Capacity

This morning, we enjoyed a very wet but sunny estimating and measuring capacity lesson!

Anglo Saxon Pit Houses

Today, we thought like an Anglo Saxon and built houses as they would have done hundreds of years ago! They used to build them by digging a pit to create the foundations, so we gave it a go! Have a look at our creations!

Artefact Handling

Yesterday, we got the opportunity to hold real Anglo-Saxon artefacts! It was incredible to bring history to life and learn about the lives of the Anglo Saxons through something so real!

Grendel Monsters

This term, our topic is the Anglo Saxons, so for this we are looking at the Legend of Beowulf. Taking inspiration from illustrations of Grendel, we used clay and outdoor materials to create our own terrifying creatures!

Outdoor Beowulf Storyboards!

The rain doesn't bother us!
Here are our recreations of the tale of Beowulf so far!


Again, taking advantage of the sun, we made our popsicle harmonicas outside today. We used them to experiment with pitch, how we can change it and why! We hope you enjoy them!

Division Outside

We took advantage of the sun this morning and brought our Maths division game outside!

String Telephones

This week, we are focussing on sound. Both how it is made and how it travels. Today, we investigate how it travels and even had a go at making our own string telephones. The sound can travel well through the string because it is a sound as opposed to a gas like air. This means that when the particles start to vibrate, because they are closely packed in a solid it is easier for the sound wave to flow through until it reaches your ear! Take a look at some of our telephones!

Outdoor Division

To take advantage of this lovely sunshine, we have been doing our division outside today!

Our Final Bridges

Here they are! The final designs!

Constructing Bridges

Today we had a TASC day, researching, constructing, building and modifying bridges that had a moveable component. Our design brief was a bridge that had to make way for a passing boat...some of ours were swing bridges, some had lever systems and some had pulleys. Take a look at some of our photographs! We will be making the final one on Monday so more photos will follow!

Outdoor Settlement Day

What a fantastic day!
For our Settlements and Rivers topic, we spent the day enjoying the outdoors and practicing a variety of different skills! There were three different things we got to have a go at. First, we built mini settlements in the mud factory that had everything a community would need to survive including access to water, woodland, farmland and more! Another activity was shelter building, this is a very important skill and as you can see from the photographs, we made some pretty good shelters for our settlements! Finally, the last skill of the morning was whittling, for a settlement this would have been useful for using as a tent peg or hunting, however today we just used it to peg our mini me's in the ground!
We hope you enjoy looking through our photos!

World Book Day!

In Maths, we searched high and low in the Garden of Inspiration for 'Where's Wally' multiplication problems. We also designed book covers, wrote letters to our favourite authors, played character guess who and much more!
It's been a fantastic day! Here are some photos of us in our incredible outfits!



Day Two of the Snow

Take a look at our huge snowman and gigantic snowballs! We have had so much fun!


What an exciting day!

Flotsam Setting

For our English learning at the moment, we have been looking at a picture book called Flotsam. It tells the tale of an underwater camera that travels through the sea and oceans taking photographs as it goes of all the weird and wonderful settings it sees...We took inspiration from the images to create our own settings, have a look!

Language Day


Today, in our class we have been learning all about Portuguese.

Daniel is from Portugal so told us some interesting facts about the country. For instance, the population is 10.5 million and the capital city is Lisbon. He then had a go at teaching us a few greetings, saying how are you, and the 10.

We also learnt about the traditional foods. We looked at things like bica (meaning coffee), baccalhau (meaning salted cod), caldo verde (meaning soup), chourico (a spicy sausage) and pastel de nata (a special egg pastry with cinnamon). Then, some of us designed a Portuguese meal and made a plate of food.

We also looked at some popular logos and symbols from Portugal including the rooster, the national flag, the football logo and the golden eagle. We then used this to design some of our own flags for Portugal, which they are holding up here.

Anglian Water Visit

Today, in Year 4 we have had such an informative day, learning from someone who works for Anglian Water!
We started the day off learning all about where our water comes from, looking again at the Water Cycle from last term and using all the scientific terminology to help our explanations...
As the morning went on, we became water quality scientists! Looking at a range of liquids in six cups, we had to decide whether they were clean or not. First, we had to look at them carefully, then with our eyes closed we had to give them a smell... and then we had to make our decision about what they could have been, were they water, and were they clean. This was a lot of fun! And we were pretty good at guessing what the liquids were!
To finish the morning off, we looked at ways that as a school or our families could use less water and not waste as much. Some ideas we had were:
- If you like cold drinks, don't wait for the tap to run cold water, instead fill your glass and put it in the fridge.
- If you like baths, just use a bit less water! It could save a lot!
- If you like showers, try speeding up and use less water!
- When you wash your hands, rather than running the tap constantly use a bowl or the plug in the sink.
- When you brush your teeth, when you aren't using the water don't keep the tap running.
These were just a few of our ideas! Can you think of anymore?

In the afternoon, we started to look at sewers and really having a think about what is flushable and what isn't. To do this we even had a go at putting different things into water and creating our own sewer. First, we made the predictions and then tested it out! We looked at a range of items including cooking oil, tea, baking powder, cereal, toilet paper and wipes. It was fascinating to see what happened to all of these things in water and learn about what happens in the sewer system! IT made us all very aware of our actions!
We learnt in the end though that anything is only flushable if it does on of the 3 d's!
These are
- dilute
- dissolve
- disintegrate
If it doesn't it shouldn't be flushed!

Over the day we leant how as a community, we borrow water, use it, clean it and return it to nature ready to start it's cycle again!
It has been such an informative and interesting day! We learnt a lot that hopefully we can share with you too!

Rhubarb Theatre

Today, we had the opportunity to work with Rhubarb Theatre! We learnt how to use our body language to become different characters, different places and show what was happening! As characters, we became an old man, a teenager and a Roman soldier! As well, we also used our bodies to show different settings, such as an old cottage in a wild wood, a ship on the ocean and a disastrous wedding scene!
It was so much fun! We couldn't stop laughing!
Here are some photos of our acting for you to enjoy!

Outdoor Clock

Today, we used our outdoor clocks again, but this time we also were able to write the 24 hour digital as well.

Telling the Time

We had planned to go outside to do this, but we got rained off! Instead we stayed inside and used the tables. We still had a really fun hands-on lesson which helped us practice telling the time!

Art Day

For our topic of water, we have had a whole day dedicated to art! We have used crayons to recreate Hockney, 'The Splash', oil pastels to recreate Monet's 'Water Lilies' and then we sketched and painted flowing water from illustrations by Thomas Locker. It was a lovely day and we will use all of these new skills to create a piece of Wonderful Work tomorrow.

Sketching in the Outdoors

Today, Year 4 have been practicing their sketching through viewfinders. We have been using perspective, sketching techniques, varying pressure, tone and shading while drawing what we could see outside!

Natural Storyboards

In order to plan out our writing, we have been using the natural resources to create our ideas ready to write next week, have a look!

Outdoor Fractions of Amounts

Recently, we have been working on fractions in Maths and today we focussed on fractions of amounts.
To introduce us to them, we used the outdoor resources to look at the total, divide it into the fraction we needed to (using the denominator) and then decide how many of those groups we wanted (using the numerator).
It was a great, hands-on way to get used to something new!

Features of a Myth Hunt

Today, the sun came out, so we were out in the garden hunting for different features you would find in a myth. Using these, we looked for examples in the story of King Midas and the Golden Touch.

Water Cycle

Across the last few weeks, we have been exploring States of Matter, especially water that can be all three states; a solid, a liquid and a gas. Today, we have been learning how water moves through the water cycle and can take the form of all the states at different stages. We used natural resources to show and explain how the water cycle works.

Symmetry Outdoors

In maths we have been looking at symmetry. Therefore, based on the symmetrical art installations by Andy Goldsworthy, we created our own artwork using natural resources...we have a combination of stick creatures and patterns. Here are a few photos, we hope you like them!

Rama and Sita

As part of our Science topic on Light and Dark, we looked at the Hindu festival of Diwali. Here are some photos of our class performances retelling the story of Rama and Sita and why the Hindus celebrate Diwali and light Diva Lamps.

Tuesday by David Weisner

This morning we all became detectives. There had been some strange goings-on last night and we were called to the scene of the crime to help collect evidence of the chaos from the night before and talk to eye witnesses in order to try and find out what happened and solve the mysterious crime...

At the scene, some of the evidence was feathers, green slime, washing, pegs, lily pads, water lilies and more!

Several eye witnesses told us of some strange floating dots they saw either went past them or the windows late last night...

I wonder what really happened? Ask us for more details!

Firework Maker's Daughter Puppet Show

For the past two weeks, we have been using our science and DT skills to design, make and show our own Shadow Puppet Shows for our English story, 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. Here are a few photos of our main scenes!

Angle Hunt

Using the outdoor space today, we explored the playground and the garden of inspiration on the hunt for acute, obtuse and right angles. We had our handy right angle monsters to help! It was a lot of fun and we became really quick at recognising and identifying different angles!

Pudsey came to visit!

This Friday it is Children in Need and so in preparation for the important day Pudsey came to school to visit all the staff and children! Here is a few photos of him in Year 4!


Since the start of term, we have been looking at light, what causes light, how light is reflected, how it travels. Yesterday, we looked closely at opaque objects, which don't allow any light to pass through and therefore result in an absence of light on the opposite side and a shadow forms. We have also looked at translucent objects that allow some light to pass through and transparent ones that let light travel through them completely causing no shadow to form. Today, building on this we created an opaque foil person and then used a light source (a torch) to see how a shadow can change or appear to move depending on where that light source is coming from. This was really fascinating and we have used this enquiry to inform some non fiction writing in Science.


Today, we began our learning for our new topic of light! This afternoon we learnt all about the difference between sources of light, reflective objects and materials and non reflective objects. We then used this knowledge and insight to go o a hunt in the bush craft area and then around school to classify whether objects we could see were sources or reflectors of light! Here are some pictures from out hunt.

Egypt Day

What a day! It has been a super busy day in Year 4! We have adorned ourselves in an Egyptian headdress and collar necklace. While, we were making these we took it in turns to mix and knead an Egyptian flatbread (a recipe taken from the walls of Pharoah Seti's temple) and enjoyed it like the Egyptians would have by eating it by the fire! It was delicious!
In the afternoon, we wrote our name in hieroglyphics on salt dough, again, like the Egyptians would have done! And, finally, we opened up the school as a museum to all the parents to see the beautiful things we have been working on all term. On display were our Shadufs, Canopic Jars, jwellery, our River Nile, our mummified oranges and our cartouches...
It was a great day, thank you for coming along if you did and if not here are some pictures of our day so you can have a look!

Digestive System T-Shirts

Across the term, part of our topic has been looking carefully at the organs and the role they play in the Digestive System. We even learnt about how they looked so that we could create our very own Digestive System t-shirts that we are beautifully modelling here!

Natural Storyboards

As a way to recap and order the events in the Prince of Egypt story we went outside to use the natural resources to create an image of first the opening scene, then the build up, followed by the problem, then the resolution and finally the ending. It was a fantastic, immersive and memorable way to remind ourselves of the key events in the story!

Egypt Day

Today, Mr Egypt came to visit! In the morning, we learnt all about their clothing, food, geography and their daily lives. Our classroom even became an Egyptian classroom where we learnt how to read and write like they did! Just ask us and we might write you a secret message!
Later on, in the afternoon we came back to learn all about religion, mummification, kings and their tombs! Completing this with a mummy wrapping contest!
As part of the day, we also got to handle artefacts that were over 3000 years old and were completely blown away!
The whole day and experience was incredible. Here are a few photos we have to share with you from our day!

Ancient Egyptian Shaduf

In Ancient Egypt, the people relied on the Nile for everything, including water, growing their crops, travelling around, trading their products, fishing, hunting and religion! Therefore, they needed a way to get water from the Nile. They used a product called a Shaduf. We were shown images from now and wall paintings from then that showed people using them, from this we first looked at resources that we could get hold of and then plan and discuss how we would construct it. Then, today, we used those annotated plans to give it a go! Have a look at what we managed!

Playing Card Sums

Using playing cards, we have generated our own calculations. Then using the short column method we have worked out the answers.

Outdoor Additions

To practice our written method of addition today, we used sticks and stones in the outside the classroom and dominoes inside the classroom! Very fun, hands on and practical to help our learning!

Canopic Jars

After spending Tuesday afternoon in the Mud Factory, we used our designs from then to sculpt our Wonderful Work Canopic Jars out of clay using the coil and slip technique. Now they are just waiting to dry and we will get them painted next week !

Mud Factory!

As part of our learning about Ancient Egypt, we discovered how and what they used Canopic Jars for.
Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Egyptians used the jars as a way to store and protect the organs removed during the mummification process.
Each jar was protected by a different god with a different head!
This week we will be making a Canopic jar using clay but first we wanted to do a prototype out of mud! It was a lot of fun and we got very messy!

Outdoor Digestive System

Today, we have been learning all the different organs and processes of the Digestive System. There was a lot of complicated words to get our head round and a lot to remember, so we went outside and became it! Here are a few pictures of us becoming food and travelling through the different organs!

The Body Coach Fitness Week

This week we have been following the Body Coach Fitness Week! Every day we come in and do a speedy 20 minute workout to get us ready for our learning! It's been a lot of fun! Even though we are a little sore now!

Egyptian Shopping

Today, we combined our history learning with our maths learning and visited an Egyptian Shop. While we were there we had to order the prices of a range of different items using our place value knowledge into descending order. Here is a few pictures of our visit!

Deciaml Fireworks

We love learning outdoors and this week we used the outdoor space to partition decimals into thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, tenth and hundredths and create decimal fireworks!

Egyptian Tomb Escape Room

Howard Carter discovered the long lost tomb of Tutankhamun in November of today we journeyed back in time to 1922 and did just the same! This time though, the tomb locked and we had to use our problem solving skills to escape!!


In year 4 we had a fantastic Roald Dahl day! Since we are doing instruction writing in English we followed some this week to create Snozzcumbers and of course, we had to give them a go! We thought they were delicious!

Mummifying Oranges

This term our topic is Ancient Egypt, this week our topic in English is instruction writing so what better way to learn about both those things than through a practical lesson! So, we mummified oranges using some instructions! It was very messy, but very fun!

Intention Sticks

To start the year, we have created our own 'intention sticks'. We have painted them, used new knotting skills to decorate them and have written on our intention for the coming year.

Outdoor Teeth

Here we are using the outdoor space to consolidate our learning about the different types of teeth and their functions! While also reminding ourselves that we need to keep our own incisors, canines and molar squeaky clean!


We have been learning about place value, what makes up a number and how to break it down. We used our tables to make huge place value columns and used practical resources to demonstrate it!