2017-2018 Miss Hemstock

Angles antics! - 20/02/18

Today we had a maths lesson like no other; Miss Hemstock let us write on the tables! We practiced measuring angles accurately with a protractor and then checked each others work. Shhh don't tell Mr Felips and Mr Sales!

Rhubarb Theatre Workshop - 07/02/2018

We had a fantastic time doing an acting workshop with Rhubarb Theatre.

Geography - Characteritics of Brazil - 22/01/2018

Today we have been outside investigating the human and physical characteristics of Brazil. Did you know Christ the Redeemer is 38m tall?

Our first gymnastics lesson - 18/01/2018

Today we started our series of gymnastics lessons with Mrs Higgins. We learnt how to complete a tension and balance hold successfully and how to work with someone different to normal!

Blitz Soundscapes - 12/12/17

The children had lots of fun creating their own Blitz Soundscape, using instruments to recreate the noises of those in an air raid. What a wonderful way to mark the end of our WW2 topic!

Visualisation skills - 28/11/17

In English we have been developing our reading comprehension skills by visualising part of a story, The Lost World. We had lots of fun drawing iguanodons based on the descriptions in the text and hosting our own art gallery exhibition.

We'll Meet Again Museum WW2 trip

We had a fantastic day at the WW2 museum in Freiston Shore, fun filled hands on learning for all! Our favourite part of the day was dressing up as soldiers walking in the footsteps of the Lincolnshire home guard. We also made our own gas mask boxes to take with us on the day.

Year 6 Will Remember Them and Leaf Collecting - 10/11/2017

Year 6 created their own poppy wreath using their hands and held a 2 minutes silence to remember our fallen heroes. We also had a lot of fun leaf collecting in the school grounds.

Illuminate workshop

We had a visit from the transported team to create lanterns for the Boston Illuminate festival.

WW2 food tasting - 19/10/2017

Today we tried different foods that were eaten during WW2! Here we all are toasting to Mr. Churchill. Carrot lemonade, carrot cake, spam and milksop...yum!

Which WW2 shelter would you prefer? - 12.10.17

We learnt all about the different types of British WW2 shelters. This helped us answer the question 'Which WW2 shelter would you prefer to use?'

Evacuee morning - 27/09/2017

Today we had a visit from Mrs. Henderson the billeting officer! We explored evacuee suitcases, made our own propaganda posters and baked syrup loaves.

Rounding numbers - 19/09/2017

Today the children were required to round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. We created spider-grams on the playground using chalk.

First day fun - 05/09/2017

Meet the Class of 2017-2018! We had fun outside creating class logos and trying out Miss Hemstock's Harry Potter items!

Outdoor learning - 07.09.2017

Today we became the characters from our class book 'Letters from the Lighthouse'. We also recapped our knowledge of word classes by completing a trail in the Garden of Inspiration.