Miss Melloy’s class in 2017-18

Chinese New Year- 22.01.18

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about Chinese New Year. The children thoroughly enjoyed our Chinese New Year party day! We tried some Chinese food kindly made by Mr and Mrs Peng and performed a dragon dance. We all had lots of fun and couldn't wait to open our fortune cookies!

Science Time- January 2018.

The children have enjoyed taking part in a range of different experiments as part of science time! They have enjoyed making exploding potions, exploring ice and making magic milk!

Exploring the Fire Circle 02.11.17

This week we have been learning all about Bonfire Night. We went to the fire circle to collect ‘snappy sticks, making sure they ‘snapped’ like a crocodile. Miss Melloy then used the sticks we had collected to make a fire. We were very excited to watch the fire, listening carefully to hear the crackling sounds! After we had finished we had to safely put the fire out using water.

Outdoor Learning Day 18.10.17

Today we made bird feeders using pine cones, lard and sunflower seeds. The children worked with their partners to make their creation. We also had lots of fun in the mud kitchen making food for a hedgehog. The children also worked together to make natural pictures using sticks, twigs, leaves and berries.

Fruit Tasting 02.10.17

The children enjoyed tasting different fruits including pineapple, mango, melon, orange and kiwi. The pineapple and melon were definitely the most popular!

Rainbow Fish Baking 20.09.17

We have been making some Rainbow Fish biscuits this week. We had to carefully weigh out the ingredients and mix them together. We then rolled out the mixture and used a fish cutter to shape our biscuits. The next day, we used different coloured icing to decorate our biscuits.

Our First Week at School

We have enjoyed exploring the different areas of the classroom and outdoor area this week.