2017-2018 Miss Simpson

Canopic jars

28.9.17 We have been in the mud factory preparing to make our Egyptian canopic jars. Some of us got very muddy but the end product looked amazing!

Caterpillar discovery

19.9.17 In our planters, we have found a group of caterpillars enjoying our plants. We found some caterpillars in chrysalis and some baby caterpillars too!

Tomb escape room

13.9.17 This week, we had to escape the tomb of Tutankhamun! We had to use all our knowledge from different subjects to help us escape. We found so many different artefacts inside such as the sarcophagus, clothes, hieroglyphics, chests and chariot wheels.

Place value

5.9.17 - In maths, we have been looking at place value. We drew our place value grid on the tables and used deines to help us understand.