2017-2018 Miss Simpson

Outdoor Settlement Day

13.3.18 Wow, what an amazing day! Today, we have been outdoors creating our settlements in the mud factory, building dens and learning to whittle for a mini me. The children thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor day with the evidence being their smiles and determination to create the best work they could. They should be so proud of themselves!

World Book Day

6.3.18 We had a fantastic World Book Day today! The costumes looked fantastic and it was lovely to see everyone so enthusiastic about reading and books!

Where's Wally?

6.3.18 It's World Book Day!! Our children took their maths outdoors today and had to find Wally in our Garden of Inspiration. Each Wally had a multiplication printed on his jumper and this children had to find and answer it! Well done to those who found all of him!

Let it snow!

27.2.18 We couldn't have all this snow without the tradition of making a snowman! The children helped role the massive snowball around the field and then donated carrots, scarves, gloves and coat for our snowman. So without further ado let me introduce you to Dave the snowman.

International Mother Language Day

21.2.18 Today, we have been celebrating International Mother Language Day. We started by celebrating the different languages we know in our class and then roles were reversed! A few of our students, were confident enough to become the teacher and teach the students and I, some fantastic new words!

Anglian Water Day

20.2.18 Today, we had a visitor in our class, teaching us all about where our water comes from and where it goes when it is washed away. We learnt what is flushable and what is not and what we can do to avoid a blockage in our drains. Ask your children what they know, and I'm sure they will be happy to tell you!

Rhubarb theatre!

9.2.18 Our class deserve an Oscar, for their fantastic acting skills in their theatre workshop today! I was super impressed with the enthusiasm they had and how hard they worked. Here are some pictures from out trip back in time to the Romans and 1666!

Outdoor clocks

6.2.18 Today, we have been using outdoor chalk and sticks to create clocks. We have been learning about the analogue and digital and how we write these. They have worked superbly well!

Bringing drama to the water cycle!

1.2.18 Today, we have had the best time bringing Water Dance by Thomas Locker to life. Year 4 should win an award for their enthusiasm and their fantastic dance moves to the final page.

Outdoor Rangoli Patterns

5.12.17 Year 4 have been working hard designing their own patterns on paper. Today, we took the learning outdoors and created our rangoli patterns in chalk. They worked so well as a team and this is what they produced!

Welcome all, to the fantastic, Year 4 puppet show!

23.11.17 We have been extremely busy, creating shadow puppets to recreate 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. We have thought about the design and the different transparent, translucent and opaque materials we could use. They all look amazing!

Angle Eating!

20.11.17 Today, we went out angle eating! Our angle eaters had a great time munching on right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles around our school and I think Year 4 did too!

We're all going on a maths holiday!

17.11.17 All this week we have been using all our knowledge of adding and subtracting to plan a holiday to another country! We were travelling to Spain, France, Italy, America and Australia, with the children working out how much it will cost for flights, food and accommodation. They all seem to have had a fantastic time working with their groups!

A very special guest!

15.11.17 Today, we had a celebrity come and see us in the form of Pudsey Bear! Year 4 were extremely excited to see him and give him a gigantic bear hug. We are hoping to raise lots of money for Children in Need on Friday!

Egypt Day

19.10.17 We have been celebrating our topic this term with a day dedicated to Egypt! We have been cooking by the fire and drawing our name in Egyptain hieroglyphics on salt dough cartouches.

Digestive Systems t-shirts

17.10.17 Throughout this term, we have been looking at our digestive system. To show our knowledge, we have created these fabulous Digestive System t-shirts!

Egyptian Shadufs

17.10.17 We have been studying the use of Shadufs in Ancient Egypt and how they were used. In class, we have then built our own Shadufs using a limited amount of resources. It took a lot of skill from the Year 4's to make sure they were balanced, but they worked extremely hard as a team to achieve a great result!

Acting out the digestive system!

4.10.17 Today, we acted out the digestion of food. We followed the journey of a piece of food right from the top to the bottom. It was a bit gross in places, but we really enjoyed bringing it to life with some role play.

Outdoor addition

2.10.17 Today, the children have been taking their maths outdoors! They've been practicing their tricky addition skills using chalk and outdoor resources. They have worked extremely hard and produced some great results!

Canopic Jars

28.9.17 Following our exciting time in the mud factory, Year 4 have created their canopic jars in clay using a coil and slip technique. They have then painted their wonderful creations in gold and other vibrant colours. They all look fantastic!

Canopic jars

28.9.17 We have been in the mud factory preparing to make our Egyptian canopic jars. Some of us got very muddy but the end product looked amazing!

Caterpillar discovery

19.9.17 In our planters, we have found a group of caterpillars enjoying our plants. We found some caterpillars in chrysalis and some baby caterpillars too!

Tomb escape room

13.9.17 This week, we had to escape the tomb of Tutankhamun! We had to use all our knowledge from different subjects to help us escape. We found so many different artefacts inside such as the sarcophagus, clothes, hieroglyphics, chests and chariot wheels.

Place value

5.9.17 - In maths, we have been looking at place value. We drew our place value grid on the tables and used deines to help us understand.