2017-2018 Miss Taylor

Stone Circles

Today we learnt about Stone Henge and other famous stone circles in the UK and why people think they were created. We then planned our own stone circle and made it outside using different stones.

Tony Parkinson Drum Performance

We enjoyed Tony Parkinson's drum performance where he showed us how to play different instruments, and how to play the keyboard with different sounds on. We loved taking part and learning how to record and play different tunes at the same time to create a piece of music.

Christmas party day

Painting Christmas cards

Our finished robots

Here are our finished robots. We used a circuit to make a bulb light up in part of our robot.

Making robots

We have been making robots!

The Twits Drama 20.9.17

We have used drama to get into the character of Mr and Mrs Twit. We enjoyed acting out the tricks that they play on each other!

Exploring Magnets

We have begun learning about magnets and enjoyed exploring what was magnetic in the classroom with different types of magnets.

Magnets' Attract and Repel Poles

Today we practically had a go at being the North and South Pole (red and blue tops) whilst learning about which poles attracted to each other and which repelled each other. We hooked arms or stood next to each other if we attracted and held our hands up to each other if we repelled.

Making Magnetic Games

Today in groups we either made a magnetic fishing game where we pieced parts of a robot back together or we created a maze to direct a paper clip through. We loved having a go at playing our games after we made them!

Painting to Vivaldi

We have been listening to music from the Baroque Era this term and we decided to paint to Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'. We used the primary colours and mixed them to create secondary colours. We then painted in the colours we felt matched the season and used a range of lines, spirals and strokes to create our finished painting.


Here are some pictures of us putting some moves together for our robot dance.

Electricity- Testing Conductors and Insulators

Today we tested many different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators.

Ball Skills

During the Autumn term we have been developing our bat and ball skills.

Electricity- Making Circuits

We have been making circuits this week in groups and were able to make a lamp and a buzzer work. We have also learnt what the symbols in circuits look like and used these alongside the circuits we made.

Collecting Leaves

We had lots of fun collecting leaves in the school grounds and throwing them in the air for a photo. Smiles all around!

Painting Sunsets

We mixed colours today to create a sunset background for our Iron Man silhouette. When they were finished, they all looked wonderful.

Irie Steel Pan Workshop

Today we watched a performance by the Irie Steel Pan Company and then took part in a workshop. In the workshop we played the Steel Pan drums, sang along to songs and danced to the rhythms. For more information about our visitors please visit