2017-2018 Miss Wakefield

Where the Wild things are

In English, we are basing our writing on the book 'Where The Wild Things Are'. We made our own wild things from clay and natural resources.

What a Knight!

Our fabulous Year 5s have worked extremely hard this term to put together our performance of 'What a Knight!'. They did an amazing job and put on a very entertaining and funny show.

Royal wedding picnic

To celebrate the Royal wedding, we decorated our own commemorative plates, decorated a cake, and then had a KS2 picnic on the field.

Reproduction in plants

In Science, we have been learning about the reproductive system in flowering plants. We created a diagram of a plant's reproductive system outside using natural resources and chalk.

Pilgrim Fathers trip to the the Guildhall and The Stump

This afternoon, we had a wonderful time at Boston Guildhall and The Stump. At the Guildhall, we were able to experience what it would have been like to be one of the Pilgrim Fathers locked in the cells and put on trial when they tried to escape England. We even locked Miss Wakefield in the cells!
At the Stump, we saw the John Cotton stained glass window, the Cotton Chapel and the pulpit that John Cotton would have preached from.

Space Cushions

We have been linking out Science and DT learning and made space themed cushions. Can you recognise any of the planets?

World book day

During world book day, we created Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired sweets.

Creating Alien characters

Year 5 have had an exciting morning discovering a strange alien egg in the grounds. We inspected it in the classroom and predicted what we thought was inside the egg. We will be descripting the aliens we have created later in the week.

Ordering and comparing fractions on a number line

We have been learning about fractions in Maths. Today, we looked at placing fractions on a number line to compare their size.

Ancient Greek Day

Today was Ancient Greek day! We had lots of fun making and tasting our Greek inspired pancakes, making olive wreath headdresses, and painting terracotta amphoras.

Safer Internet Day 2018

Today has been safer internet day, and year 5 have been thinking about how to keep ourselves safe online. We thought about how what others say and do can make us feel, we discussed how we should react in particular situations we did not feel happy about, and we created posters with tips on how to keep ourselves safe online.

Ancient Greek theatre masks

As part of our learning about the Ancient Greeks, we have created theatre masks similar to what Ancient Greek actors may have worn to change characters quickly when acting in amphitheatres. Have a look at our wonderful clay creations.

Trojan Horses

As part of our learning about the Ancient Greeks, we learnt about the Trojan war. During a TASC afternoon, we thought about how we could recreate a model Trojan horse of our own. We used lots of our DT skills to create a model Trojan horse that was a strong structure. Our teamwork skills were vital to design and create such wonderful models in a short space of time. Many of them could even be wheeled into Troy as they had wheel mechanisms that worked!

Peterborough trip to the Mosque and the Cathederal

On Wednesday, we visited a Mosque and the Cathedral in Peterborough as part of our RE learning. We had a really interesting day finding out about both places of worship.


We have been working hard using our DT and Science skills to create an erupting model volcano. Take a look at the finished products.

Volcano day

We have had lots of fun learning about volcanoes this term and to celebrate all our learning, we had a volcano day. We took part in lots of volcano activities during the day. At the end of the afternoon, parents came in to watch our volcano song and dance, our volcanoes erupt and to view our non-chronological reports.

Times table fun

We have been practicing our times tables and division facts in lots of different ways this week. Today, we played fun times table board games where we had to solve multiplication and division questions in order to reach the finish.

Making volcanoes

We have been using our DT skills to make volcanoes this week ready for our volcano day eruptions on Friday. We thought about how to make strong structures that are shaped like a volcano.

Badminton development day

Year 5 have been lucky enough to take part in a badminton development day. We had lots of fun and learnt lots of new badminton skills such as, backhand serve, forehand serve, aiming and returning over the net.

Investigating irreversible changes

As part of our topic learning, we will be creating erupting volcanoes. In order to do this, we needed to test what materials react together to create an effective eruption. We had lots of fun watching the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar react!

Estimating numbers on a number line

In Maths, we are estimating numbers on a number line using our knowledge of halves, quarters and tenths.

Miming scenes from 'Escape from Pompeii'

As part of our learning in English, we have been looking at the book 'Escape from Pompeii'. Today, we acted out scenes from the book and tried to show the emotions of some of the characters. We had to mime the scenes, we were not allowed to use our voices!

PGL day

On Monday, we had a exciting, fun filled day at PGL. We got to try activities such as climbing, the giant swing, quad biking and archery.

World of food photo montage

We used the book 'A World of Food' by Carl Warner as inspiration for writing and art. In Art, we developed our photo montage skills by creating our own world of food pictures. We then used these pictures to write imaginative setting descriptions in English.

Tectonic plates

In year 5, we are learning all about volcanoes and how they are formed. We had fun learning about the Earth's crust and the tectonic plates by using biscuits to show the different types of plate boundary. Edible tectonic plates are the best kind!