2017-2018 Mr Wilson

Party Day


With Christmas just around the corner, the children enjoyed a fun filled party day playing lots of different games and working in small teams to try and win the Year 6 quiz.

WW2 Museum Trip


Today the children visited the WW2 museum at Freiston and had a fantastic day learning about the Second World War in a practical way. They were able to learn about how food was rationed and even got to walk through the trenches wearing replica uniforms and weaponry.



Today the children got to work with Ruth and Nadia from Illuminate, to create their own lantern suitcases. The children will get the opportunity to walk with their creations at the Illuminate parade, which travels through Boston on the 23rd September.

The Great British Bake Off

Today the children worked in pairs to create their own "Showstoppers" as part of a themed morning looking at the Great British Bake Off. They used the mud factory and natural resources to try and make their cakes stand out.

Evacuation Morning

Today the children went back in time to 1939 and learnt how it felt to be an evacuee during the 2nd World War. The children were lined up in front of billeting officer, "Mrs Henderson," before taking part in different activities throughout the morning.


Today the children were required to round 6 digit numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. They created spider-grams on the playground using chalk and worked in pairs to discuss their learning.

Willy Wonka's Sweets

To celebrate the birthday of Roald Dahl, the children designed their own sweets that would be suitable for Willy Wonka to make in his Chocolate Factory.

Class Logos

The children were asked to design a class logo using the natural resources around our beautiful grounds. Their designs were very creative and imaginative and the children worked really well together in their small groups.