2017-2018 Mrs Bennett

Wild Rumpus

Today we used drama and music to create the 'Wild Rumpus' from the story 'Where the Wild Things Are'

Sketching Dinosaurs


Dinosaur nests and tracking trails


Excitedly, we followed the dinosaur footprints to find a trail of clues and wrote down what we found on our clipboards then we were busy making nests in case any other dinosaurs want to come and lay their eggs in the school grounds. We are trying to hatch out the eggs we found in a nest yesterday!

What had been out and about in our school grounds?

Oh no! What could it be? A dragon, a monster or a dinosaur? We found benches knocked over, broken teeth, long, sharp claws, scratch marks on trees, scales and glittery poo in the grounds. After looking at stills from the CCTV we realised it was a dinosaur!

Dinosaur Skeletons


Today, we creatively made dinosaur skeletons using a range of resources; pasta, dog biscuits and paper straws. There was great excitement when our new role play area was opened for the first time too!

Dinosaur Measuring

Week Beginning 19th February

Fossils, dinosaurs, dinosaur footprints and dinosaur bones have all been compared and measured this week, using firstly cubes and then rulers. We found out that a T-Rex's foot measured about a metre and we estimated how many of our shoes long it's footprint was and also how many of our shoes fitted inside it!

Gym Week 4

Today we completed our series of Gym lessons.

Exploring Winter

In Year One, we continue watching the seasons as they change. We have been experiencing winter over the last few weeks, making our own ice decorations with natural materials and painting on ice.

Rhubarb Theatre Workshop

Today we had a drama workshop with Kirsty from Rhubarb Theatre. We each became part of a time machine to travel back in time to several different eras. It was great fun!

The wedding of the year!

After learning about celebrations in RE recently, we held our own 'mock wedding'!

Fairy Tale Puppet

We spent a lot of time designing and making our own fairy tale puppet. Our sewing was really neat!

Gym Lesson 2

We are getting very efficient at putting out the apparatus now! Today, we learnt about patch balances and different types of jumps and used them in sequences.

Building a raft for the Gingerbread Man


Today, we worked in small teams to build a raft to help the Gingerbread Man to cross the river. We had to think carefully about what we knew about waterproof materials and whether materials float or sink.

We wanted to help the Gingerbread Man because we didn't want the fox to eat him and in a Science investigation recently we discovered that a Gingerbread Man in water just goes soggy and breaks up into pieces!

Hunt for the Gingerbread Man

'You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!' He set us a challenge and we raced out to meet it! We followed a set of clues and finally managed to catch up with the Gingerbread Man having a rest in our classroom. The children had a vote on whether we should eat him or not...and of course they decided we should!

Story Maps of The Gingerbread Man

Today, we drew some fantastic story maps to help us to retell the story of The Gingerbread Man to a partner.

Tens frames

We used tens frames to make teens numbers. We then practised subtracting.

Strong bridges


We were challenged to choose appropriate materials to make a new bridge strong enough for the Billy Goat Gruff to cross.

Gym Week 1

Today, we learnt how to work as a team to put out and put away the apparatus. We worked really hard on different ways of travelling between apparatus and made shapes that were 'wide as a house', 'small as a mouse', 'tall as a tree' and 'thin as a pin'!

Building a stong house


The three little pigs sent a letter asking us to help them to build another strong house that would protect them from the wolf. In small groups, we tried out different materials and made some new houses.

Tennis Taster

Boston Tennis Club gave us a tennis taster session today

Fairy Tale Puppets

We used the new puppets from our role play area to retell some well known fairy tales. Can you guess which ones we are retelling?

Primary Colours

We have learnt which are the three primary colours and created patterns, pictures and models using only red, yellow and blue. The famous artist Mondrian used the primary colours in his work too.

Whittling Magic Wands


There is often an element of magic in fairy tales so at the start of our new 'Fairy Tales' topic we learnt how to whittle our own wands.

Christmas Party Day

Great fun was had by all at our Christmas Party!

The Three Kings Natvity

We thoroughly enjoyed putting on our performance of The Three Kings and are teachers are very proud of us!

Gail Clark Author Visit


We were very lucky to have a real author to come and visit us. Gail Clark read us one of the stories about animals that she has written and shared her beautiful illustrations. We also met some of her special puppets which were a little cheeky!

Hot Chocolate Reindeer

This year, for the Christmas market Year One made hot chocolate reindeer. Yummy!

Superhero Day


It was lucky that we had Superheroes in school for the day because Mrs Clark was tied up by Bubble Man and needed rescuing and another character was stealing lunchboxes!
We were very busy making our superhero vehicles too including levers and axles.

Y1 Tennis Taster


Boston Tennis Club came in and gave us a tennis taster session.

Subtraction stories

We used the vocabulary 'First, then and now' to tell subtraction stories and used lots of practical resources to find out how many were left.

DT - Exploring Levers and axles

Dramatising the Nat Fantastic Story


We loved our work based on the Superhero story Nat Fantastic.

Pudsey Visit

Pudsey came to visit and we gave him lots of hugs!

Senses Hunt

In Science, we have been learning about our senses. so we used our senses to explore outside.

Trip to Boston Stump

At St. Botolph's church, we witnessed a mock baptism of a baby boy and girl and then went on a treasure hunt looking for features of the church.

Positional Language

On a windy day, all the washing blew away and some landed in the school grounds. We used positional language to describe where the items of clothing had landing.

Capital Letters

This week, we have been practising our upper and lower case letters in lots of different ways.

Self Portraits

We used natural materials, sketching pencils, magazine pictures and playdough to create self portraits. The front covers of our 'All about Me' books are fantastic!

Crusts Bakery Roleplay

Throughout the Autumn Term the children loved using the Bakery roleplay area.

Number bonds to 10

We had great fun exploring number bonds to 10 using playground equipment.

Autumn Celebration

The day finally arrived... for the Autumn Celebration! We were so excited to wear our leaf crowns, wave our autumn decorations, sing our harvest songs and to share our seasonal dishes.

Making Bread

Today, we each made a bread roll for our Autumn Celebration. We choose to add cheese, tomatoes, garlic or seeds to the dough.

Preparing seasonal fruit and vegetables

We have been busy, busy, busy preparing apple and rhubarb before stewing it then we chopped up pumpkin, peppers and onions for our pumpkin soup. Now, we can't wait to taste it all at our Autumn Celebration tomorrow afternoon!

Autumn Leaves

Fallen autumn leaves have been collected from the woods and the school grounds and used to make leaf decorations and crowns.

Vegetable Printing

We had a great time printing with a selection of vegetables to make a table mat for our Autumn Celebration.

Tasting Bread

Before designing our own bread to make for the Year 1 Autumn Celebration, we tasted breads of various flavours.

Trip to Abbey Farm and Woodhall Spa Woods

Year 1 had an exciting time exploring in the woods, looking for signs of Autumn and building hibernation shelters for hedgehogs. A picnic was enjoyed in Jubilee Park before spending the afternoon at Abbey Farm, where we learnt about arable farming through the seasons and harvested some crops that are ready in Autumn. A tractor and trailer ride was the highlight of the day after mini beast hunting and a walk through the 'elephant grass'!


We used cubes, counters, paperclips and natural resources for counting activities. The correct number of apples were printed on the apple trees too,

Apple Activities

After harvesting apples we sketched a whole apple, an apple with a bite out of it and an apple core. We also collaged the life cycle of an apple tree.

Harvesting Fruit and Vegetables


Today, we went out picking apples and pears in our school orchard and a range of vegetables that are ripe for harvest in Autumn.

Letter formation