2017-2018 Mrs Bills


The children have been exploring travelling and balancing using different levels and points of contact.

Sleeping Beauty

After listening to the story of Sleeping Beauty, the children worked in groups to act out the story, thinking about their body language, voice and facial expression when portraying different characters.

Water Challenge

On Roald Dahl day we studied the book The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me, which is all about The Ladderless Window Cleaning Company. The children had great fun taking part in a team water challenge to see which group could transport the most water from one end of the playground to the other.

Representing 2 digit numbers

The children worked in pairs to create posters of a given 2 digit number, representing that number in as many different ways as possible.

Castle Wall Walk

We had a fantastic trip to Lincoln Castle. A guide took us all on a wall walk and told us lots of information about the history of the castle. The children also got to show her how much they already knew about the features of castles, which was brilliant.

Knight's Training

The children had to practise dressing a knight, using a bow and arrow and they had the opportunity to handle real armour.

Shield Making

At Lincoln Castle, the children made their own shields, designing an emblem to decorate their shields with.

Castle Banquet

The children took part in a banquet where they had some real food, listened to a jester's jokes and did some Medieval dancing. Some children played the parts of the King, Queen, a Lord and a Lady.

Making Model Castles

The children made model castles which had to include at least two mechanisms to create moving parts.

Model Castles

Look at our superb model castles.

PE Activity Day

The children took part in a fantastic activity day where they developed lots of new PE skills.

Using Mechanisms

The children made an axel and also used a flap mechanism to create a model cannon.

Egg Transportation Devices

The children had to work in teams to create a device in which to transport an egg across the trim trail. Once made, they had to test whether their device worked and consider how it could be improved.

Bonfire Dance

The class worked together to create a bonfire dance to music using streamers.

3 Little Pigs

The children worked in groups to build a house of sticks for the 3 Little Pigs. Once completed they acted out the story using puppets they had made earlier.

Outdoor Story Maps

After watching an episode of How To Train Your Dragon the children worked in groups to retell the story pictorially on a story map made from natural materials.

Autumn Leaves

The children had lots of fun and worked brilliantly together to tidy up some of the Autumn leaves.


The children had to follow symbols around the grounds to locate hidden dragons.