2017-2018 Mrs Gadd

A visit from Rhubarb Theatre!

Kirsty, from the Rhubarb Theatre Company, visited our school again. We had a one-hour drama workshop with her in our very own time machine! We travelled back in time to the Vikings, the Romans and to Britain in 1066.

Winter ice decorations

Whilst exploring the signs of Winter in our school grounds, we made some of our own ice decorations. First, we filled a small bowl of water and hung a piece of string out of it. Next, we put lots of different natural materials in the bowls and left them overnight. The net morning we checked to see what had was so cold that they turned in to ice. We hung them on the trees to glisten in the sun!

Counting in twos and tens

This week we have been counting in twos and tens. We looked at the patterns when counting in sequences and used practical resources to help our understanding.

Wedding of the Year!

We held our own 'mock' wedding as part of our 'celebrations' topic in RE. We made our own confetti, bunting, banners and signs along with icing our own cakes and having buttonholes to wear. Two special golden rings were given to the bride and groom, who had to sign the register, and after the ceremony we had the wedding reception. It was great fun!

Look at our Fairy Tale puppets...

We used a needle and thread for the first time, to make our Fairy Tale puppets. It was quite tricky but we soon got the hang of it!

How to Make Gingerbread Men

As part of our English unit on 'Instructions', we made some gingerbread men whilst reading a set of instructions that told us how to make them. We worked together in teams to make them and decorated them later in the day when they had cooled down from being in the oven. Best of all, we enjoyed eating them when we got home!

Run Run As Fast As You Can.....You Can't Catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!

The Gingerbread Man left some of his friends in our classroom but unfortunately he had ran away so we went on a hunt around our school to search for the lost Gingerbread Man. We looked in the Hall, in the Garden of Inspiration and even near the dragon in the woods but he was nowhere to be seen. Until we found a clue that said he had gone back to our classroom to rest....we eventually found him in Mrs Gadd's cupboard, sleeping!

Waterproof Testing

First, we built a little pig house then we predicted whether a range of materials would be waterproof or not. We used: cling film, tissue paper, cotton wool, tin foil, a wooden block and toilet paper. We tested them and found that the tin foil, cling film and wooden block were the best waterproof materials for the Three Little Pigs to keep dry.

Building a raft for the Gingerbread Man

We were challenged to build a raft for the Gingerbread Man so he could safely cross the river without being eaten by the fox. Most of our rafts were stable and safely carried him to the other side of the river.

Places for our Fairy Tale puppets to live

We designed and made houses, caves, castles and other places for our puppets to live. First of all, we discussed and drew our ideas onto large pieces of paper then we went outside to create them out of stones, sticks, click toys and wooden blocks.

A bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff

In Science, we worked out which materials would be suitable for building a strong bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff, to keep them safe from the big bad troll. We could only use cardboard tubes, newspaper and masking tape. It was quite a challenge!

We designed some of our own Fairy Tale puppets

We designed some of our own Fairy Tale characters today, including dragons, princesses, knights and a variety of animals. We worked out what materials we would need and made a mock-up of what our glove puppet would look like.

Not by the hairs on our chinny chin chins, we will not let you in!

Today we accepted the challenge of building a new pig house that the Three Little Pigs had set us to keep them safe from the Big Bad Wolf. There was no straw, twigs or bricks instead we were asked to use cocktail sticks, plastic cups, marshmallows, chickpeas and art straws. It was a tricky task but we had great fun making predictions and recording the results. The Big Bad Wolf came and tested the roofs on our houses...some survived and some didn't!

Boston Tennis Club visit us

Boston Tennis Club came to give us a taster session of one of their tennis lessons. We had great fun with Will and Emma, dribbling a tennis ball round cones and hitting the tennis ball with a racket when playing a game of skittles.

Caution....Construction Site!

Look at our construction site....we like to build the Three Little Pig houses in this area and make a few improvements of our own. Sometimes we do the gardening and make fences for our homes.

The Primary Colours!

We have been learning about the PRIMARY COLOURS in our Art sessions. The primary colours are: red, blue and yellow. Take a look at the work we have produced using only these three colours.

Once Upon A Time...

In Year 1 we have been learning about Fairy Tales, as part of our new topic. We have looked at: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. We especially liked using the puppets this week to retell all the stories.

Christmas Play - We Three Kings

We had such fun performing our Christmas play to all our friends and family. The play was called, 'We Three Kings' which followed the story of three wise men on their camels, journeying to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus. Our three kings were Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar!

Preparations for our Christmas Play

Here we are practising for our Christmas Play. Keep looking out for photos of our final performances!

We had a visit from Gail Clarke

Gail Clarke is a children's author who writes stories about various animals who go on adventures. She came to talk to us about her work and read one of her stories to us. Thank you Gail for visiting Year 1!

Using simple maps

We went on a hunt to find letters to spell a word linked to our Superhero topic. We followed a simple map and found the word 'BUBBLE', representing Bubble Man's name. We had lots of fun searching for the clues and worked with a partner to read the map.

A surprise from a Minion...

A Minion came to visit Boston West...what a surprise!


We had a fantastic day dressed as Superheroes. We saved Mrs Clark from Bubble Man and caught Mrs Pittam 'stealing' all the lunchboxes....luckily we were there to save the day!

Children in Need Day

We dressed up and donated money for Children in Need. Take a look at our lovely colourful outfits, including Pudsey ears!

Making simple mechanisms!

We had lots of fun making simple mechanisms. We made a lever, an axle and a pivot, in preparation for making our Superhero vehicles.

Learning to take away...

We used the 'Click' toys and bricks outside to learn how to take away a smaller number from a bigger number.

Pudsey visits Year 1

Today we had a wonderful surprise from the big yellow friendly bear.....Pudsey! He came to see us as part of Children in Need and gave us all a BIG hug. Thank you for coming to see us :)

Let's go and explore...

We used the Boston West Academy Ordnance Survey maps for the first time today. They were quite tricky to read at first but we soon managed to find the pictures that matched the clues we were given.

Our trip to Boston Stump (St Botolph's Church)

We visited Boston Stump to learn about Baptism and to look at what sorts of objects it has inside. Also known as St Botolph's Church, 'The Stump' is a very big building and we enjoyed having a look at the beautiful ceiling art. We had a talk from Reverend Steve about Baptism and how they baptise people using the Font, which is over 100 years old.


Look at our writing; we have been practising our capital letters through games, matching and writing activities.

Autumnal Addition!

We have been working on solving addition number sentences by using natural resources found around Autumn time, such as conkers, leaves and pine cones. The part-part-whole model has been used to support our understanding.

Let's use Numicon!

Here we are using Numicon to work out number bonds to 10. The challenge was to find out how many different ways there are to make 10; we found out that there are 11 different ways. We had lots of fun using the Numicon and writing the number sentences on sticky notes.

Making our own Portraits!

Have a look at our first attempt sketching our own self portrait, using special sketching pencils. We also had good fun making our own faces using the peg boards and some natural resources outside the classroom. Mrs Gadd thought we made some VERY funny faces using cut up photos, that we stuck on a head template to create silly people!

Our Autumn Celebration

Year 1 held an Autumn Celebration for all the Parents, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles etc. We prepared a delicious butternut squash and pepper soup, along with our own bread rolls and stewed fruit from our school garden. There were some Harvest songs, a table laden with fruits and vegetables as well as our own printed placemats. We wore Autumn hats and had wands made from twigs, leaves and pretty flowers. We all had lots of fun; thank you to those who came!

Cooking for our Autumn Celebration

Here we are, chopping up some pumpkin/squash, peppers, leeks and onions for our soup, after being taught how to do a bridge cut with a knife. We also cut up some rhubarb and apples for a stewed fruit pudding...mmmmm!

It's Autumn time!

In our Science session, we went out to look for signs of Autumn, looking at the colourful leaves and observing what is happening to our flowers, vegetables, fruits and trees. We collected some leaves to make leaf scarves and decorations.

Circle time with Mr Morley

Our new headteacher came to visit us for a circle time session. He showed us his special 'talking' egg and taught us some circle time games. Thank you for visiting us Mr Morley!

Trip to Abbey Farm and Woodhall Woods.

On Monday 25th September, we visited Abbey Farm and Woodhall Woods. Our day consisted of a variety of woodland activities such as leaf collecting, tree identification and making our own hedgehog huts. We also had a great time walking through elephant grass, learning about the different crops grown at the farm and the most exciting part was......a very bumpy but fun, tractor ride!

Practising our handwriting

Take a look at us learning the ladder letters. We need lots of practise to remember our 'whooshes'. Here we are in action, practising our handwriting.

Where does food come from?

We harvested a selection of our own fruits and vegetables around the school ground and talked about whether they were growing above or below the ground or on a tree/bush. Take a look at our pickings...

Let's get creative.....with yummy apples from our orchard!

As part of our Harvest topic, we picked some apples and pears from our school orchard and had a go at sketching the whole apple, part of the apple and the core. We had lots of fun watching Mrs Gadd eat an apple too!

Maths is fun!

Here are some photos of us in our maths sessions, counting, writing and representing numbers up to 20 with objects.