2017-2018 Mrs O’Connell

Stone Age Day

We loved our Stone Age day where we built shelters, whittled sticks to make harpoons, created clay jewellery pieces which we will make into a necklace and we cut some apples and made stewed fruit which we cooked over the camp fire.

Tony Parkinson Drum Performance

We enjoyed Tony Parkinson's drum performance where he showed us how to play different instruments and record tunes to play at the same time on his keyboard. We also enjoyed taking part.

Outdoor Learning

Here we are doing what we love... learning outdoors!

Gail Clarke

We thoroughly enjoyed Gail Clarke visiting our school and sharing one of her stories with us. The illustrations were wonderful and we had lots of fun when the puppets came out!

Irie Steel Pan Workshop

We loved our afternoon with the Irie Steel Pan company getting to dance along to songs, play the steel pans and ask lots of interesting questions.


In small groups we have made and decorated robots. We also put a working circuit in a part of our robot that lights a bulb.

Leaf Collecting

We enjoyed collecting leaves in our school grounds today.