Miss Brockington’s class in 2018-19

Natural pictures


This afternoon we worked in groups to create a picture of a minibeast using natural resources. We found sticks, leaves and stones to create some wonderful caterpillars, spiders, butterflies and a dragonfly!

Trip to Belton House


The children in foundation stage have had a great day pond dipping and mini beast hunting at Belton House. They even had time for a play on the adventure playground after a yummy picnic!

Minibeast hunting


We have really enjoyed looking for minibeasts around our school grounds this morning.

Pong Dipping


This term we are learning all about Minibeasts! This morning we went pond dipping to see what minibeasts we could find in our school pond.

Spring Walk


This week we have been learning all about spring and decided to go on a walk to see what signs of spring we could see. We spotted lots of flowers, green leaves, ladybirds, daffodils and even a birds nest!

Preschool science event


This morning we were very excited to share the science activities we've been doing this year with some children from a local preschool.

Goldilocks and the three bears


This week in Foundation Stage we have been looking at Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children enjoyed reading and acting out the story as well as pretending to be Goldilocks and writing sorry letters to the Three Bears. They even got to make and taste porridge, which was very yummy!!

Outdoor Morning


Today the children in Foundation Stage enjoyed an outdoor morning linked to our Traditional Tales topic. The children worked in groups to make a shelter for the three little pigs, cook something for Grandma in the mud kitchen and also toasting marshmallows on the camp fire! A great time was had by all!



This term we have been developing our jumping skills!

Magic Milk

This afternoon the children enjoyed making some 'magic milk' for the wolf to drink. We placed some milk in a tray, added some different colours and then added the 'special ingredient' to watch the magic happen.

Building a raft for the gingerbread man

This week the children were challenged to build a raft for the Gingerbread Man so he could safely cross the river without being eaten by the fox. They worked in teams to create some rafts and were very excited to test them!

Tractor Visit

A local farmer, Simon, came to visit us with a New Holland tractor. He showed us how it works and why it needs such big wheels to work in the fields. Simon also talked to us about how wheat is grown and what we use it for like delicious pancakes on pancake day!

Chinese New Year

This week in Foundation Stage we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We went on a trail around school, following clues to help us find out that it is the year of the pig this year! We have enjoyed exploring how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We particularly enjoyed learning about dragon dancing, making chinese lanterns and tasting some chinese food!

Moon rock cakes

This week we have enjoyed some space-themed baking! We worked in small groups to bake moon rock cakes. We had to carefully follow the recipe, weighing out the ingredients and using our hands to mix everything together- which we found very exciting! After we had baked the cakes, we had a picnic where we got to eat our yummy creations!

Planetarium Visit

The children thoroughly enjoyed their planetarium visit! They learned lots of new facts about space and shared their knowledge of what they have learned at school. They even managed a bit of star gazing and had a look at some constellations!

Making rockets for our egg astronauts!

This week we worked in groups to decorate a hard boiled 'eggy' astronaut! We then worked together to create rockets out of junk modelling and thought of materials we could use to keep our astronauts safe. We then had great fun testing our rockets by 'launching' them into space to see which astronauts made it in one piece and which ended up as scrambled egg!

Launching rockets

To link with our learning on rockets we decided to conduct an experiment to see what would be the best way to 'launch' a rocket into space. We had lots of fun testing lots of different sized bottles and even used some straws to see how high our rockets would go!

Bubbling Planets

This week in Foundation Stage we have started our Space topic! We were very excited to use bicarbonate of soda, water and food colouring to create our own planets. We then added vinegar and were very excited to see how our planets changed.

Stick Man

In Foundation Stage the children have been looking at the story of Stick Man. Today they went worked in groups to create their own stick man using the natural resources.


Foundation Stage have been working really hard on their Nativity this term. They were very excited to perform it to their grown ups and they put on an amazing show!

Exploring Ice

To link with our learning on the polar regions this afternoon we tried to make our own by adding some ice to our small world, we soon realised that it was starting to disappear!

Eddie the Elf

This week, we have had a little visitor. Eddie the Elf has been getting up to all sorts of mischief!

Children in Need

We dressed up in yellow, spots or as Pudsey to raise money for the BBC charity, Children in Need. We had great fun joining in to Pudseys 'super movers' dance and we even had a visit from Pudsey bear himself!

Skittles Experiment

Today the children took part in their first science investigation. They were very excited to try the 'skittles experiment'. They worked together in groups, predicting what they thought would happen when they added water to the skittles. They then tested their ideas by adding water and observing the changes that took place.

Firework Dance

In our pe lessons, we have been learning to move in response to music. Today, we put all of our skills together to create a firework dance with ribbons. We listened very carefully to the beat of the fireworks and the music, experimenting with moving in different ways.

Fire Safety

Today the children were very excited to explore the fire circle to link in with their learning about Bonfire Night and fire safety. They worked in small groups to collect 'snappy sticks' from around the school grounds. After lighting the fire we enjoyed sharing some stories about nocturnal animals before making sure we safely put the fire out.

Autumn Walk

Today we went on a walk around our school grounds to see if we could spot any signs of Autumn. Lots of us noticed how the leaves were changing colour and falling off the trees, how there were berries on the ground and even some fungi growing!

Bread Making

This week to link with our learning about animals on the farm, we read the story of the 'The Little Red Hen' and had a go at making our own bread! We had to concentrate very hard to make our dough into bread roll shapes and very much enjoyed getting to eat them afterwards, they were delicious!

Fruit Tasting

To link with our learning about Handa's Surprise we got to taste some of the fruit from the story.