Miss Griffin’s class in 2018-19

Sentence types outdoor hunt

We spent the morning identifying different sentence types that had missing punctuation outdoors in the glorious sunshine.

Science Ambassador Visit

We had a visit from our Science Ambassador, Hailey, who works for the RAF at one of our local bases. Hailey set us the challenge of using our knowledge of forces to design an areoplane that would travel the furthest. The pupils worked exceptionally in their teams demonstrating lovely teamwork. What an inspirational visit!

Sunflower seed packets

We have been learning about explanation flowcharts this week. As part of our 'going wild' topic we have created our own explanation flowchart explaining how to grow a sunflower for our wonderful seed packets.

Easter egg hunt

We explored our beautiful outdoor environment where we found delicious eggs!

Weight Investigation

We have been learning how to measure weight. We found items around the classroom, weighed them and then compared the weight of the objects.

Dot paintings

We have been learning about Aboriginal Australian artwork and have created our own dot painting masterpieces!

Indian Experience Day

We thoroughly enjoyed our Indian Experience Day on 5.3.19 where we sampled Indian food, took part in Indian dances and learnt about Hinduism.

Telling the time

We went outside and created our own clocks to show o'clock and half past times.

Building strong and stable structures

This week we have learnt how to use triangles to strengthen corners. We also took inspiration from the Eiffel Tower to create a strong and stable structure.

Clay penguins

We learnt how to join clay using slip to create our own penguins.

Programming a Bee-Bot

We thoroughly enjoyed using the Bee-Bot maps to develop our programming skills.

Keeping in time with the beat

During our music learning this week, we have thoroughly enjoyed using the glockenspiels to perform 'I Wanna Play In a Band'.

Maths mystery

We used our knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables to solve a Mathematics mystery.

Making and adding equal groups

We have enjoyed exploring how to make and add equal groups during Mathematics this week.

Making equal groups

We have been exploring how to make and represent different equal groups.

Sleigh Competition

For our home learning we have created our own spectacular sleighs!

Christmas now and then

This week we have learnt about how Christmas is currently celebrated and how it was celebrated many years ago.

Tally charts and pictograms

This week we have gathered our own data based on our favourite winter characters. We learnt how to use a tally chart and represented our results on a pictogram. We have also learnt how to interpret information from a pictogram.

TASC Protecting a dragon's egg investigation

We had to work together to use suitable resources to create a box that would protect a dragon's egg when it was dropped outside. What an incredible outcome we had with every team in the class succeeding in protecting their dragon's egg!

Children in need

We have enjoyed taking part in the Pudsey colouring competition this week, dancing along to Super Movers as well as receiving a wonderful visit from Pudsey.

Travelling in different ways

This week in gymnastics pupils enjoyed exploring how to travel in different ways on the apparatus.

Building a stable house for The Three Little Pigs

Over the past two weeks for home learning pupils have designed and built their own spectacular stable house for The Three Little Pigs.

Sentence types outdoor trail

We have enjoyed exploring sentence types in our wonderful outdoor environment.

The Three Little Pigs

This week we have been retelling the story of the Three Little Pigs through drama and freeze framing. We have also thoroughly enjoyed creating our own stable houses from natural resources.

Castle Museum

We invited parents and carers to our castle museum in school where we showcased all of our wonderful work that we are proud to have created this term!

Henry VIII portrait

We sketched our own portrait of Henry VIII and used water colours to paint them as part of our arts themed week.

Leaf Dragons

This week we have been exploring instructions. In order to create our own leaf dragons we followed a set of instructions which involved collecting autumnal leaves from our outdoor learning environment.

Outdoor verb hunt and rainbow spellings.

We have thoroughly enjoyed searching for and identifying verbs in our outdoor environment as well as creating our own spelling rainbows.

Sharing stories together

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of our favourite stories together in our wonderful library as well as in our classroom.

Science investigation

We have been investigating which material would be best to absorb the Queen's tea that has been split on the castle floor.

Lincoln Castle Trip

This week we went on our school trip to Lincoln Castle. We tried on armour, made our own shields, went on a castle walk and took part in a medieval banquet.

Primary and secondary colours

We explored primary and secondary colours in our Art learning time today. We investigated colour mixing with paint and subsequently created our own colour wheel.

Roald Dahl Day

In preparation of Roald Dahl Day we have been reading The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me. We went outdoors to celebrate Roald Dahl Day and explored the transportation of water.

Computing skills

We began our learning session by following the directional instructions that are given in the Cha Cha Slide. We were then able to develop our own codes to program a Bee-Bot. We also developed our typing skills.

Castle floor plans

We used natural resources to create our own castle floor plans.