Miss Hemstock’s class in 2018-19

Sticky Feet visit - 06.03.19

Today Pippa and Gareth from Sticky Feet came to visit with their super reptile friends. The children learnt about the animals adaptations linking to our science work and had the chance to hold a bearded dragon and a snake. They were completely in awe and learnt of exciting new things.

Boccia afternoon - 14.02.19

Today the children participated in disability sport afternoon focused on the game of boccia. Everyone had great fun!

Creating fossils using clay techniques - 30.01.19

Today the children created their own clay fossils linking to our science learning about evolution.

Rainforests fact hunt - 06/02/19

The children completed a fact hunt about rainforests in our woodland area today in preparation of building their own rainforest diorama next term.

Poetic devices trail - 28.01.19

Today the children completed a poetic devices trail about rainforest poems. They will then be writing their poems later in the week.

Coming Home - 11/12/18

Today the children acted out parts of the poem from the book Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo. The children changed their volume and tone to match what they were reading. Some even added actions!

A visit from the yellow bear - 15/11/18

Today we had a visit from Pudsey the Bear! The children enjoyed asking for high fives and asking him to floss!

WW2 Trip - 05/11/18

Today Miss Hemstock's class visited the We'll Meet Again Museum at Frieston Shore, to link to our topic WW2. The children had the opportunity to hold real bullets, tank shells and a Blitz simulator. The children also learned about rationing and were able to play with some real 1940's children's toys.

Illuminate Festival - 02/11/2018

Today the children created their own lanterns in the shape of moths. The children will be using these in the Boston Illuminate Festival on Thursday 29th November at 5:30pm.

Evacuee Day - 15/10/18

To coincide with the school's arts week, today the children in Year 6 became evacuees for the day. All children experienced a London Underground Shelter, thinking what it would be like to have lived during the Blitz. The children also created their own propaganda posters and acted out some evacuee scenarios.

Orienteering - 04/10/18

Today the children enjoyed a trip to Witham Way Country Park to practice their map reading and team work skills. We even reached 4th place on the Boston Schools ranking for timed orienteering!

Roald Dahl Day, Willy Wonka Security Tags - 13/09/18

Today the children created their own sweet inspired security tags, to help Willy Wonka keep his secrets. Many fantastic ideas were created, especially those involving what will happen to any person caught secret stealing!

Letters from the Lighthouse Freeze Frames - 07/09/18

The children became the characters from our class book Letters from the Lighthouse today in English. Taking on the roles of worried WW2 evacuees and sad parents.

First Day - 04/09/18

A great first day in Year 6 - the children created logos using natural resources.