Miss Melloy’s class in 2018-19

Technology Afternoon


Today we had a technology afternoon in Foundation Stage. The children enjoyed exploring the Beebots, they worked in small groups taking it in turns to programme the Beebots to move around the carpet area in different directions. The children also got the chance to explore a 4D Jungle Animals app. They placed the iPad over the different animals and watched them come to life!

Firework Dance


Over the past few weeks in PE the children have been practising moving in response to music. This week they performed a firework dance to their peers. The children had to listen carefully to the music and enjoyed moving their ribbons in lots of different ways.

Exploring the fire circle


Today the children were very excited to explore the fire circle to link in with their learning about Bonfire Night and fire safety. They worked in small groups to collect 'snappy sticks' from around the school grounds. After watching the fire and making sure we had safely put it out, the children enjoyed reading stories about nocturnal animals.

Science Time


Today the children took part in their first science time. They were excited to try the 'skittles experiment'. The children predicted what they thought would happen when they added water to the skittles. They then tested their ideas by adding water and observing the changes that took place.

Outdoor Day


This week the children enjoyed taking part in their first outdoor day. They explored the mud kitchen making food for hedgehogs, as well as working in small groups to create natural pictures. The children also spent time in the Hive where the did some conker rolling, created a leaf hedgehog and ordered pumpkins!

Autumn Walk


This week we have been learning about Autumn and the changes that take place as we enter into Autumn. The children enjoyed going on an Autumn hunt around the school grounds.

Handa's Surprise


This week in Foundation Stage we have been learning about healthy eating. The children have enjoyed reading Handa's Surprise and even got to taste some fruits from the story! They have also painted and collaged different fruits.

The Rainbow Fish

This week in Foundation Stage we have been looking at The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. The children have really enjoyed collaging their very own Rainbow Fish and baking Rainbow Fish biscuits!

Our First Week at School


The children in Foundation Stage have had a very busy first week at school. They have enjoyed making new friends, engaging in lots of different activities and exploring the school grounds.