Miss Simpson’s class in 2018-19

Settlement day

4.4.19 Year 4 had the honour of spending Mrs Schofield's last day in the place she loves the most; the outdoors. We created mini me puppets by whittling willow, mud settlements in the mud factory and built a den to settle in. We then ended the day making popcorn around the fire circle. Thank you Mrs Schofield, for all the fabulousness you dedicated to year 4!

Zany Zoo

3.4.19 We are so proud of all our children and the fantastic performance of 'Zany Zoo'. They did an amazing job during both shows and all the hard work paid off!

Recycling centre trip

25.3.19 Year 4 took a trip to Lincoln today to visit the recycling centre. There, they looked at how our recycled waste can be used to create power for houses.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

22.3.19 The children have worked hard on their TASC project to inform others at Boston West as to how we can reduce our plastic pollution. They have thought of some very innovative ways to reduce our plastic waste and presented it really well to their classmates.

Mascot power!

20.3.19 Today, the children joined minds with the lovely year 1 children to create a recycling mascot for our school. They had such imaginative ideas and created some amazing mascots!

Boston barrier visit

14.3.19 Year 4 had visitors from the Boston barrier scheme, who came to talk to the children about what they are doing to defend Boston against potential flood risks. The children were told what to keep in an emergency kit if there was a risk and some were even lucky enough to win their own bag!

Outdoor maths

8.3.19 Year 4 took their maths outdoors, today! They used the bar model method to complete different calculations with their partners.

Water drama

8.3.19 The children had to recreate a river feature with their groups. They worked together, keeping their feature a secret, and the other teams had to guess what they were representing!

Engineers of the future!

6.3.19 Today, the children looked at various different types of bridges and designed their own. They then built their own prototype using different resources. They worked really well as a team and created some amazing designs!

Year 4 united!

1.3 Both year 4 classes united this week on a trail extravaganza. Mixed teams had to find different locations around the grounds and record the letter they found at each point. They worked really hard and all managed to get all the letters!

Year 4 flood defences

12.2 Year 4 were in the mud factory today, trying to save their stone from being flooded. They needed to think about how they were going to prevent it being flooded. Would they build up the banks? Would they dig the river bed deeper? They worked together brilliantly and were very successful!!

Which tense?

11.2 Today, year 4 were on the hunt outside for different sentence types. They had to decide whether they were written in the past, present or future tense. They worked incredibly hard and sorted many sentences!

Mission subordinate conjunction and relative pronouns.

8.2 We were under a secret mission to find the missing subordinating and relative clauses. They took the mission very seriously and kept it 'top secret' by only whispering throughout the entire task.

Amazing art!

6.2 Year 4 have been working exceptionally hard with Mrs Lavery to create beautiful pieces of art. They have been inspired by Claude Monet, Thomas Locker and many others to create a copy of the piece of artwork and then their own interpretation. They look fantastic!

Area and perimeter water park!

1.2 In maths, the children of year 4 have been creating a design for a water park. They had to measure very carefully, then calculate the area and perimeter of the shape they had made. In the afternoon, they were tasked to create a 3-D model of their idea using the resources provided. They had to use ideas as to how to strengthen their design in order to get it to stand on its own. Some groups had a go at doubling the area side in order to cover a larger space. See the results below!

Area Hunt

29.1 Today, year 4 have been searching the Garden of Inspiration for squares, rectangles and rectilinear shapes then calculating the area!

Anglian Water Visit

24.1 Year 4 had the pleasure of having Rachel from Anglian Water visiting us today. She taught us all about saving water and keeping our drains clear. We experimented with different materials to see if they diluted, disintegrated or dissolved including cereal, wipes, tea and oil. Your children can tell you lots of ways to save water!

Spelling hunt!

23.1 Year 4 have wrapped up warm and been on the search for spellings around the school grounds! They successfully found the spelling pattern and cracked the spelling code.

Diary of a water droplet

21.1 The children from year 4 have been busy boxing up their plan for their water droplet diaries. They have used natural resources and fabulous team work to create some fantastic plans!

Remembrance Day Trip

7.11 Year 4 went to visit the beautiful displays and workshops set up at Boston Stump. We had a go at bell ringing, saw the amazing knitted poppy display and got to look at memory boxes of those people in the war from Boston.

Lucy Dillamore comes to visit!

16.10 Today, our class were lucky enough to have a visit from local author, Lucy Dillamore. She talked through the process of making her books, showed her drawings and helped us to create our own! Thank you so much for your visit!!

Egypt Day

10.10 Today, we celebrated our Egypt day! We had mummy races, created necklaces and made headdresses. We displayed them in out fabulous museum!

Clay Canopic Jars

28.9 Year 4 have been using their skills from the mud factory, to create their wonderful canopic jars. They are all now ready to paint, next week!

Canopic Jars

10.10 We have used our skills from the mud factory to create our final Canopic jar designs!

Mud Factory

26.9 Today, our class had a go at creating a canopic jar using mud and other natural resources. They worked really well together and can't wait to put their skills into practice!

Roald Dahl Day

13.9 Today, we have been celebrating Roald Dahl day by making some fantastic dream catchers. We collected natural resources and used our outdoor skills to knot their finds!

Hunting for verbs

12.9 We have mummified our oranges and it is now time to write our own instructions. In preparation, we have been hunting for imperative verbs to use in our work!

Secrets of the lost tomb...

11.9 Today, our class had to escape the tomb of Tutankhamun. We had many different challenges to complete in order to leave the tomb. We cracked codes, solved problems and sorting different words. We then gained a password to escape!

Smile, you're in year 4!

6.9.18 Today, year 4 have been learning all about the names of all their teeth and the different functions they had. We then cleaned them outdoors and tested our knowledge.

Place value fireworks

6.9.18 We are back after a lovely summer! Today, we have been recapping our place value. We have created some fantastic place value fireworks by using our partitioning knowledge of our hundreds, tens and ones. Here are the results!