Miss Simpson’s class in 2018-19

Remembrance Day Trip

7.11 Year 4 went to visit the beautiful displays and workshops set up at Boston Stump. We had a go at bell ringing, saw the amazing knitted poppy display and got to look at memory boxes of those people in the war from Boston.

Lucy Dillamore comes to visit!

16.10 Today, our class were lucky enough to have a visit from local author, Lucy Dillamore. She talked through the process of making her books, showed her drawings and helped us to create our own! Thank you so much for your visit!!

Egypt Day

10.10 Today, we celebrated our Egypt day! We had mummy races, created necklaces and made headdresses. We displayed them in out fabulous museum!

Clay Canopic Jars

28.9 Year 4 have been using their skills from the mud factory, to create their wonderful canopic jars. They are all now ready to paint, next week!

Canopic Jars

10.10 We have used our skills from the mud factory to create our final Canopic jar designs!

Mud Factory

26.9 Today, our class had a go at creating a canopic jar using mud and other natural resources. They worked really well together and can't wait to put their skills into practice!

Roald Dahl Day

13.9 Today, we have been celebrating Roald Dahl day by making some fantastic dream catchers. We collected natural resources and used our outdoor skills to knot their finds!

Hunting for verbs

12.9 We have mummified our oranges and it is now time to write our own instructions. In preparation, we have been hunting for imperative verbs to use in our work!

Secrets of the lost tomb...

11.9 Today, our class had to escape the tomb of Tutankhamun. We had many different challenges to complete in order to leave the tomb. We cracked codes, solved problems and sorting different words. We then gained a password to escape!

Smile, you're in year 4!

6.9.18 Today, year 4 have been learning all about the names of all their teeth and the different functions they had. We then cleaned them outdoors and tested our knowledge.

Place value fireworks

6.9.18 We are back after a lovely summer! Today, we have been recapping our place value. We have created some fantastic place value fireworks by using our partitioning knowledge of our hundreds, tens and ones. Here are the results!