Miss Taylor’s class in 2018-19

stone circles

This week we learnt all about the different stone circles, in particular Stonehenge. Then we went outside and made our own stone circles in groups.

fossil cookies

We enjoyed baking our fossil cookies and getting to print them with a range of fossil or dinosaur designs.

fossil hunting

We had a go at becoming fossil hunters and identifying the fossils we discovered.

Exploring fossils

We have loved exploring the different types of fossils and getting to look at a variety including ammonites and devils toenails!


This term we have been learning how to travel at different levels, balance and perform a range of jumps.

collecting leaves

We really enjoyed throwing leaves into the air and collecting them up!

Amy Giacomelli painting

We have been mixing to make a range of colours for our Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory painting inspired by the work of Amy Giacomelli.

Making Chocolate

We really enjoyed learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, especially when we were able to create our own Wonka chocolate bars.
We used either milk or white chocolate and then added a choice of marshmallows, oreos or golden crunch sprinkles, they all looked delicious!

The Twits Drama

The children used brilliant facial expressions and actions when using drama to retell the Twits playing pranks on each other. Some even found some props to aid their acting!

Exploring with magnets

We had a great time exploring our classroom and our school grounds with magnets. We found many magnetic objects!

magnets- attract and repel

We split ourselves into red and blue to represent the north (red) and south (blue) poles of bar magnets. We then acted out the north and south poles attracting and north and north and south and south repelling each other.

Roald Dahl Day- making potions

For Roald Dahl day we had a great time making colour changing potions with cabbage water, bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. We then went on a hunt in the school grounds to find different seeds, leaves, feathers as well as sequins, glitter and a squirt of a tomato to add to our potions. We had great team work and really enjoyed reading George's Marvellous Medicine!