Mr Read’s class in 2018-19

Stone circles

For our topic of the Stone Age we looked into the famous monument Stonehenge and the reasons it was built. We then worked in teams to plan and then create our own version of Stonehenge. There were some fantastic creations!

Christmas party day!

For the last day of the Autumn term we had an amazing party day! It started with a very intense game of pass the parcel, before moving onto party food and a christmas tree making competition. After lunch, we went to the hall and played party games including musical statues. It ended with a film and even more party food!!

Making Robots

In line with our robots topic, we designed, constructed, painted and decorated our own robots over many weeks. Firstly, we created the shape of our robot out of cardboard and other items. Then, we used paper mache to cover our entire robots. It was a messy process! Then, we used paint or tin foil to cover our robots. Finally, we decorated our robots and added in an electrical circuit to make our robot light up!

Iron Man Paintings

In English we read a book called The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. As part of our learning, we made paintings of a sunset scene from the book. We got to mix different paints and try out our ideas. It was great!

Electric circuits

For our Science topic Electricity, we took our learning outdoors! We made electrical circuits using skipping ropes as wires and different coloured balls as bulbs and batteries. There was some fantastic teamwork going on.

Leaf Collecting

Autumn is definitely here! We had a great time tidying and collecting leaves in the woodland area. We worked really well as a team and put lots of leaves onto the compost heap.

Lincolnshire Day 2018

We took part in so many different activities on Lincolnshire day. We made our own versions of the Lincolnshire flag and tried some Lincolnshire foods. Luckily, the sun was shining too, so we went outside and made clay models of the Lincoln Imp. We had loads of fun!

Amy Giacomelli art week

For art week we focused on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the American artist Amy Giacomelli. Amy's artwork can be seen at every Disneyland Park in the world as well as many Motion Pictures. Firstly, we painted our backgrounds using a paint wash technique. Then, we drew and painted candy and chocolate designs on our work. Finally, we created a silhouette of Willy Wonka to finish off our designs. We had lots of fun making them!

Making Chocolate

We really enjoyed learning all about Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, especially when we were able to create our own Wonka chocolate bars. We used either milk or white chocolate and then added a choice of marshmallows, oreos or golden crunch sprinkles, they all looked amazing!

George's Marvellous Medicine - Roald Dahl day

For Roald Dahl day we had a fantastic time making colour changing potions with cabbage water, bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. We then explored the school grounds collecting seeds, leaves, sticks and feathers to add to their potions alongside sequins and glitter! We then wrote down our instructions for the potions we made!