Mr Wilson’s class in 2018-19

Viking Artefacts

The children had the opportunity to investigate Viking artefacts this afternoon. They explored the artefacts in groups and decided what each object was and how it may have been used in the Viking era.

Sticky Feet

Today the children welcomed Gareth and Pippa from "Sticky Feet" into school. They shared some of their reptiles with us and gave the children a real "hands on" experience.

Charles Darwin Trail

Today, the children in Mr Wilson's class used their orienteering skills to search for facts about Charles Darwin, which were hidden around the school grounds.

Rainforest Hunt

The children spent the afternoon hunting for facts about rainforests. This was linked to our learning about South America and the Amazon rainforest.

Fraction and Decimal Trail

Today the children worked in pairs to solve tricky problems involving fractions and decimals. They had to find the problems around the grounds and discuss them with their partner.

Autumnal Leaves

Today the children had some autumnal fun by clearing leaves away from our woodland area.

We'll Meet Again War Museum

Today the children visited the "We'll Meet Again" Museum at Frampton. They learnt all about rationing, weaponry and had a real life "Blitz" experience; they thoroughly enjoyed their day.

Illuminate Workshop

Today the children have created their own "moth" themed lanterns ready to take part in the Illuminate parade towards the end of November. The children created their lanterns out of willow but designed their own patterns for the wings.


The children spent the afternoon orienteering around the grounds of Witham Way Country Park. They worked in groups of three to complete a number of different challenges, in which they needed to use their map skills.

Roald Dahl Day

Today the children have celebrated Roald Dahl day by creating their own Willy Wonka security tags using sweets such as jazzles and strawberry laces. The children worked in pairs and created some excellent design! Great fun had by all.

Class Logos

It was great to see so many smiley faces walking through the classroom door this morning! As part of their first day back, the children were asked to work in small groups, to design their own class logos using natural resources. Their final designs were fantastic and they all demonstrated great teamwork.