Mrs Gadd’s class in 2018-19

Asda and Westgate Woods Trip

What a glorious day we had at Asda, in Boston, and Westgate Woods! We visited Asda to see how our food gets from the field, to supermarkets and into our homes. A highlight of our trip to Asda was having a go at being a checkout assistant. Next, we headed to Westgate Woods where we met Mrs Schofield. She showed us a wide variety of wild berries, evergreen and deciduous trees as well as the many animal homes that had been created by volunteers. We had lots of fun exploring the signs of Autumn and now deserve a well-earned rest!

Autumn Celebration!

After all the preparations and excitement for the long-awaited Autumn Celebration, it was finally the day to invite our parents, grandparents and friends to join in with the celebrations of all our hard work! We showed off our leaf hats and wands, as well tasted our homemade delicious leek and potato soup, including a tasty bread roll. We entertained everyone with three harvest songs and there were some pieces of work to enjoy too. We know not everyone could make it but we want to say a great big thank you to all who came, it was a huge success!

Preparing for our Autumn Celebration

We made hats in preparation for our Autumn celebration. We collected lots of natural materials such as leaves, small twigs, berries, feathers, acorns and tiny pine cones. We also found a little green bug hiding in our leaves. Look out for our wonderful Autumn hats when you see us at the celebration!

Greatest and Smallest

We have been learning to compare the greatest and smallest numbers within 10. We used equipment on the playground and in the classroom too.


This week we have been working on different ways of representing numbers up to 10. Look at all the resources we used and the ways we can show the value of numbers.

An introduction to Harvest!

We are learning about Harvest and spend lots of our afternoons exploring our new topic through creative ways.

First week in Year 1!

We had a FANTASTIC first week in Year 1. We had lots of fun playing in the sand and water trays, using playdough to create letters and numbers, making textured collages with a selection of pulses and lentils, as well as learning about celebrating birthdays. Take a look at all our photos!