Year 1: Mrs Bills

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Welcome to our year 1 class

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Curriculum provision

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Year 1 reading lists

Below are links to two external websites that provide suggested book titles for children in year 1 to read:

Books for Topics: 50 must-reads for year 1

The School Reading List – year 1

Westgate Woods

The children enjoyed visiting Westgate Woods to look for signs of Autumn. They worked fantastically in groups to create a trail for another group to follow.

Trip to Asda

As part of their work on harvest, the children visited Asda, where they went on a tour and found out where different food types should be stored. They really enjoyed scanning items on the tills!

Fine motor control

The children have been engaged in many different activities to help them improve their fine motor control.

salt dough vegetables and fruit

Whilst learning about harvest, the children made salt dough fruit and vegetables. Afterwards, these were used in our role play area farm shop.

Autumn hats and wands

The children searched for natural resources to use when making Autumn hats and wands for Year 1's Autumn Celebration.

Year 1 Autumn Celebration

The children invited their parents to join them for an Autumn Celebration. They sang some Autumn themed songs and shared some potato and leek soup and bread, which they had made. The hall was decorated with Autumn decorations, that the children had made and the parents were able to look at some of the work the children have produced, over the term, on the theme of Autumn and harvest.

Autumn and Harvest TASC

The children enjoyed working on a TASC challenge to present something they know about Autumn or harvest using any resources they chose.

Moving pictures

The children carried out some focused practical tasks to help them understand how to make simple mechanisms such as wheels, levers and flaps. They later applied what they had learnt about levers to make a moving harvest picture.

Natural portraits

The children work together to create portraits of each other outside using natural resources.

Number bonds within 10

The children partitioned numbers less than ten to enable them to find pairs of numbers that, when added together, make that total.

Children in Need

The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting Pudsey Bear and made their own Children in Need posters.

Super Veggies

After reading Supertato, the children designed and made their own super veggies.

Subtraction within 10

The children used a range of practical apparatus to help them subtract amounts less than ten.


The children worked in pairs on a focused practical task to make an axle.

Superhero Vehicles

The children had great fun designing and making their own superhero vehicles, that incorporated a working axle.


The children worked brilliantly to retell the story of Supertato using drama. They freeze-framed key moments in the story.

Christmas Play

The children in Year 1 gave an amazing performance of Hey Ewe to their family and friends.

Acting out the Three Little Pigs

All of the children were able to retell the story of the Three Little Pigs using drama. They thought about their movements, body language, facial expressions and voice, when acting in role as one of the characters.

Identifying Materials

After going on a materials hunt outside, the children worked in groups to create a poster for one particular material by collecting objects that are made of that material.

Pigs' Houses

After exploring the story of the Three Little Pigs, the children work in teams to create their own straw, stick or brick houses.

Raft Building TASC

After reading the story of the Gingerbread Man, the children worked in groups to design and make a raft to carry a gingerbread man across the river.

Bridge Building TASC

After reading the Three Billy Goats Gruff, the children worked in pairs to make a paper bridge for the goats to walk across to get to the other side of the river.


The children have demonstrated superb gymnastics skills. They have travelled and balanced on different parts of their bodies and at different levels on the floor and on apparatus.

Addition within 20

The children practised adding numbers within 20 using tens frames.

Unusual Homes TASC

After looking at some images of unusual homes, the children designed and made their own in pairs. The unusual homes they made included an ice house, a treasure house, a hot air balloon house and a glass house.

Recycling Plastic TASC

After finding out about how plastic rubbish pollutes our world, the children worked in pairs to recycle a plastic carrier bag into something else. Their creations included a necklace, a hat, a t-shirt, a purse, a cracker and a toy.

Clay Animals

The children really enjoyed learning to join pieces of clay together using slip to make clay animals.

Dinosaur Backpack TASC

In preparation for going on a dinosaur hunt around the school grounds, the children made their own dinosaur hunter backpacks.

Tractor Visit

The children enjoyed getting to see a real tractor up close and even got to have a sit in the cab.

World Book Day

On World Book Day we read lots of stories and the children made their very own 'book in a box' based on the story Tyrannosaurus Drip.

Red Nose Day

The children made some great Red Nose Day posters for Comic Relief.

Dinosaur Outdoor Day

Year 1 had a fantastic Dinosaur Outdoor Day. The children collected tinder, kindling and maximum sticks that were needed to make a camp fire on which we baked chocolate bananas. They practised their simple knotting skills in the willow classroom and went on a dinosaur hunt. In the afternoon the children made a meal for their pet dinosaur in the mud kitchen and played some dinosaur games. What a busy day!

Clay fossils

The children learned how to roll, coil clay and use tools to make marks, when making a clay ammonite.